Imogen Mahdavi’s Top 5 Influences Playlist

Rising London singer-songwriter Imogen Mahdavi delivers her sultry brand of electronic pop with the luscious new single Rock The Boat. With a clutch of new songs in the pipeline, she tells us about her 5 favourite tracks that have shaped her sound.

Imogen Mahdavi’s Top 5 Influences Playlist:

Wicked Games by Chris Issac

Whenever people ask what a favourite song is, I say quite confidently that’s it’s Wicked Games. I grew up with this song, my mum loves to hear me sing it. It remind me of Elvis, Spaghetti Westerns, beautiful Tremelo guitar and pure romance. The lyrics are so damn simple and heartbreaking.

Sleepwalk by Santo and Jonny

I’m always drawn to dream like sonics, to oceanic tendencies and Sleep Walk truly is a dream in music.

Self Control by Frank Ocean

I loved this album and this song is definitely a favourite. I am a sucker for writing multiple harmonies and the ending of this song, the production, the vocals, it’s so epic and layered.

Falling Water by Maggie Rogers

A pop production masterpiece, it’s a song I wish I wrote, the lyrics, the sentiment, the energy. The middle 8 is insane, you don’t hear songs often decide to change their tempo half way but it somehow works.

Teardrop by Massive Attack 

Beat wise I’m always driven back to trip hop, it’s so peaceful and you still want to move to it. The opening lyrics of this song are one of my all time favourites “Love is a verb, Love is a doing word” man that speaks a thousand thoughts.

By Imogen Mahdavi for FM