Imaro M really makes his mark with new track ‘You’

"Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres, I hope to share my musical universe with you and bring you good vibes"
18 May 2023

Imaro M, an incredibly gifted blind DJ and producer from the Caribbean region, is making waves in spite of his disability.

Imaro M is a creative force to be reckoned with and he has just released a new song called You. It will definitely draw your attention to the first note.

This song definitely has all the key components of a fire EDM anthem; All elements of a classical electro funk track, from groovy bassline to punchy drums and synth melodies, including an iconic vocal vocoder. This really reminds us of the good old days of the late 2000s.

Imaro had been experimenting with different sounds and musical choices for the single for a really long time, but none of it seemed to fit the vibe of the song he was aiming for.

After playing with some Daft Punk-esque sounds and styles, Imaro has finally come up with his own unique sound. His idea for that was You – experimenting with different guitars, bass, tempos and vocoders until he was happy.

You was produced during a tough period for Imaro, but it’s an incredibly upbeat and upbeat track with some interesting elements and it almost appears to contrast the circumstances under which it was created.

He pulls inspiration from a variety of artists like Daft Punk, Mozart, Martin Garyx, Petit Biscuit and Stromae.

Since he was a kid, Imaro has been really into the ‘music of the islands’. He eventually moved to Paris, the global centre of culture and art, and explored different kinds of international ‘popular music’ after losing his sight.

He really got into the music scene and started to take lessons in classical piano/jazz, drums, solfège and harmony. Thanks to his hard work and dedication, he not only graduated from the Conservatoire de Jazz piano et batterie with a diploma with honors, but also had a brilliant bachelorette.

Not only was Imaro honored with an amazing accolade, but he also got recognized by LES TALENTS DE L’OUTRE-MER in 2005 and earned himself a diploma for tuning and repairing acoustic pianos.

Imaro M sharpened his writing expertise when he discovered the power of combining words, setting up structures and creating stories. He says: ‘Influenced by a wide variety of musical genres, I hope to share my musical universe with you and bring you good vibes.’