IMANSucceeding nicely with our Q&A with African/ Middle Eastern, new pop princess Iman, now she unveils her co-directed and co-edited video for new single ‘Naïve’, produced by Robert Rosiji.

‘Naïve’ is a smoothly produced, pensive and emotionally honest electro-soul number, about “following your voice regardless of the naysayers…”

Speaking about the video, Iman reveals: “This was my first attempt at properly co-directing and co-editing anything. I wasn’t really after any storyline; I wanted it to be very simple and focus on capturing the movement of the song.

She adds: “Seeing as my previous video for “Golden” hardly showed my face, I felt like for this one I’d show myself, and I’m really happy with how it came out. Moving forward, I’m definitely going to be directing more of my videos. As an artist, the creative part doesn’t have to stop at just making the song, and being involved with bringing “Naïve” to life through film is something I found pretty rewarding.”

ICYMI ‘Golden’ was Iman’s rather appealing debut track…