Iglu & Hartly triumphant return: ‘Money’ talks and fans listen

"I wanted to craft a song that could take this questionable desire for money and make it into a glittery jam, kind of like what Hall & Oates would have done back in the 80s.”
1st November 2023

In the mid-2000s, the pop-rock and synth-infused sounds of Iglu & Hartly dominated the airwaves, earning them recognition with the UK top 10 hit In This City. After a fifteen-year hiatus from the UK, the band recently returned, selling out headline shows in Glasgow, Manchester, and London.

Frontman Jarvis Anderson describes the experience as a dream come true, a fest that reignited the passion of fans as if they had never been away: “It was a dream come true to come back to the UK after so many years away and be reunited with so many passionate fans as if we were never away. It was the true Iglu & Hartly experience!  A sweaty action-packed sing-along fest!’

But Iglu & Hartly didn’t just come back for nostalgia’s sake; they brought a gift in the form of their latest track, Money. This alt-pop radio-ready anthem serves as a soundtrack for those intense mirror pep-talks before big meetings.

A sumptuous yet tight pop-rock production, the song weaves melodic hooks through upbeat drum beats, creating an irresistible earworm that will have audiences chanting I want my money after the first chorus.​ Rather than dwelling on the serious side, Iglu & Hartly turns this questionable desire for money into a glittery jam, reminiscent of the iconic 80s sound of Hall & Oates.

The track’s construction showcases Iglu & Hartly musical mastery, employing bass, drums, guitars, keyboards, synths, and programmed drums to craft a fun and uplifting vibe. Frontman Jarvis, commenting on the song’s deeper message, reflects on the comedic pursuit of money as a society. ​“I think money is a funny thing​”​ – he says​ – “A token for wealth, but actually worthless of itself only gaining value by law. In that sense, it can be comedic and quite funny, our pursuit of money as a society. People go to great lengths and spend all their lives accumulating a fabricated resource. I always want to be inspirational in my writing, as I see songwriting as a service to humanity. But at the same time, with ‘Money’ I wanted to craft a song that could take this questionable desire for money and make it into a glittery jam, kind of like what Hall & Oates would have done back in the 80s.”

Founded in Colorado, USA, by vocalist, composer, and producer Jarvis Anderson, Iglu & Hartly  navigated the glitz of Y2K Hollywood before finding an unexpected home in the punk rock heritage of Hermosa Beach, California. Their global smash In This City was inspired by these early California experiences.

Known for their wild, sweaty, and jam-packed performances, Iglu & Hartly hiatus from the record company led members on different paths. However, the band’s resurgence in 2020 with Cooler became an LA radio sensation, reaching number one on KROQ for an impressive eight weeks running. Their return to the stage at the 2019 Hermosa Beach Music Festival marked a triumphant comeback for the perennial indie pop band.

Iglu & Hartly ability to blend genres and create music that transcends time is evident in Money. As they continue to captivate audiences with their infectious energy, the band proves that their unique sound is not just a trip down memory lane but a timeless force to be reckoned with in the contemporary music scene.


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