Iglu & Hartly makes a welcome return with ‘Swayze’

“While writing this song I imagined a femme fatale whose wild spirit could only be matched by a man like one of Swayze’s iconic characters” 
2 August 2023

The pop-rock band Iglu & Hartly shares their brand-new single Swayze. After a 15-year break, the pop-rock group based in Los Angeles, Colorado, makes a welcome return.

Now that the Colorado band, who are now based in LA, have freed themselves from all the drama and restrictions of record labels and the industry, Iglu & Hartly are enthusiastic about pursuing their original dream of creating a unique and captivating brand of their own.

They give us a taste of their synth-heavy music in their last Swayze jam. They’re also on their highly anticipated UK tour, which includes stops in Glasgow, Manchester, and London.

Swayze is paying homage to the 80s icon Patrick Swayze. This track is all about embracing eternal youth, and frontman Jarvis Anderson takes us on a wild ride as he tells stories of a daring lover who could easily be cast in one of Swayze‘s iconic roles. It’s a tribute that will make you want to dance and feel forever young.

This track has everything you need. They’ve nailed their signature vocals, blended with rad 80’s guitar riffs, catchy synth beats, and intense drums. This is a pop-rock anthem that perfectly captures the essence of 80’s nostalgia while remaining fresh and contemporary.

Jarvis Anderson, the frontman, explains further: “While writing this song I imagined a femme fatale whose wild spirit could only be matched by a man like one of Swayze’s iconic characters.” 

Iglu & Hartly burst onto the music scene back in 2008 with their first album And Then Boom, released through Mercury Records. The band’s mastermind is Jarvis Anderson, who hails from the picturesque foothills of Colorado.

The album had a banger of a single called In This City that reached number 5 on the UK singles chart, made it to number 35 on the US Billboard alternative charts, and even rocked the charts across Europe.

Jarvis Anderson is a true entertainer. His captivating stage presence and impressive skills as a frontman helped his band land big gigs at important festivals like Coachella and Isle of White.

Rap, singing, synths, guitars, and rad 80’s style soundscapes are combined in a unique way in his music. In Anderson words: “I think that’s why Iglu & Hartly attracts music fans with eclectic taste”.

Tour Dates: 

2nd August: Glasgow – King Tuts 

3rd August: Manchester – Retro

4th August: London O2 Academy, Islington