Ideas for Original TikTok Videos: Try your hand at creativity

Let's look at a few popular ideas, but keep in mind that you'll need a TikTok editing app to realize them
3 January 2024

TikTok is not just a place for dancing and trending. If you dream of standing out and creating something unique, you need original video ideas. Let’s take a look at some creative ideas, popular transitions, and learn how to get into recommendations.

Video ideas

There’s a lot of content on this social network today. And to stand out among the rest, you need to make a variety of videos, test which ones fly into recommendations the best, and try different styles. Next, let’s look at a few popular ideas, but keep in mind that you’ll need a TikTok editing app to realize them. 

Life Blitz

Time your typical day in blitz mode. Show your morning, afternoon, and evening in short video segments. This will not only drive traffic to your profile, but will also give viewers a glimpse into your daily life, bringing you closer to your audience. TikTok video editor will help you make such a video. It’s very easy – all you need to do is shoot the footage and then glue the different parts of it into one video track.


If you are an expert in something interesting, then share your knowledge in mini-lessons. It could be a quick lesson on language, cooking, painting, or anything else. These videos tend to be popular, especially if they are short and entertaining.

Magic effects

Use the editing features to create visual illusions. This can be something like “magic” using objects, costumes, or even props. Audiences love to have their minds turned upside down.

For this, try the cool VJump app. Check out the link to see what kind of illusions this program allows you to create. And all this while you don’t even have to be familiar with editing!

Music parodies

Create your own version of a popular song by adding your own original lyrics or funny elements. Music parodies are always eye-catching and can quickly go viral.

Popular Transitions

Transitions are splices that connect two different videos into one cohesive picture. Examples of successful transitions include:

  • Slow motion. Slow motion adds grace and cinematography to the video.
  • Duets. React to other users’ popular videos by creating your own content based on their ideas.
  • Transitions using your hands. Do a hand movement in the frame at the end of the first video and at the beginning of the second video – this will allow for imperceptible splicing.

To edit TikTok videos in this format, also use special applications. For example, VJump, which we talked about above.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, as these social media sites don’t forgive it. Use the best TikTok editing app that has features for quick editing, use these tips and attract more people to your profile!

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