IckyBlossoms_04Omaha, Nebraska trio Icky Blossoms are set to release their self-titled album on July 8th via Saddle Creek, (many of us have already heard their superb track ‘Deep in the Throes’ which went online recently). The band offer forth a mix of pop grooves, electronica and much more, each track delivering a new layer of musical excellence.

Fame sought out the band to chat about this debut album and hoped to learn more about this release too.

Hi firstly thanks for taking time out to talk to us here at Fame Magazine. Your new album is set for release now. How would you in your own words sell it to our readers?

Thank you. We are really into Fame and we are happy there is a magazine about it and more importantly. That we are in it. Our record is an experiment in pop/dance music streaming through the minds of people who want to play loud and get people to break things. We are light and heavy at the same time. We think it would be a good idea for the first listen to be on headphones, with our mind out of body is possible and letting go.IckyBlossoms_01Wonderful. So how did the band meet and what was your dream back then?

We all have known each other for many years. Playing music in different bands around Omaha, NE. Making films and art together but also seeing each other out at different bars and parties.

Who influences, or inspires your music and writing style?

We are open to all types of music that inspires us or is doing interesting things. From King Crimson and Pink Floyd, to Tribe Called Quest and the Cure to Kanye or Diplo. We tend to get just as excited as anyone else when artists create new and interesting ideas with songs and music.

How would you describe the dynamic within the band?

We look at our band like a brotherhood. We are a family. So we have to be honest with each other and also love each other, even if the honesty is brutal. But most importantly we believe in each other and are pushing each other to be better artists, take more risks and not be lame.

How long did you spend making your debut album and were there any tracks that did not make the final cut (but perhaps you feel should have)?

We spent a year on the first record. We recorded and mixed it in a month. But the 11 months leading up to that month we were discovering we were band by writing and performing new songs and ideas together. Coming from a background of Omaha, NE music, we all played in punk bands, indie folk bands, etc. So when we started to make weird rave music it was mainly just for fun. It made us happy.

It was a good type of music to write as a team and learn new software together. In 11 months we discovered our voice and named it Icky blossoms. We had a song called Village that we recorded and it made it onto a 7 inch. But it should stay off the record. It doesn’t quite fit. IckyBlossoms_02.2.1
What about festivals. We are now getting into festival season, have you any lined up?

We are playing Folsom Street Festival in September. Should be interesting. Sex and Fringe people tend to come up and hang out with us a lot. This is exciting for us, because we would rather play weird venues and events than traditional ones. But, we are open to everything.

Are the UK/European fans on your horizon this year. I believe your fan base is growing there?

We would be very happy to make it over to the UK as soon as possible. We have always thought the UK would really like the record. Its hard to tell if our fan base is growing in the UK. All we have is the internet to gauge the numbers, we just gotta get over there.

How do you as a band approach social media. Do you actively interact with your fans, or do you have people who do that for you?

We are big social media people. It gives you something to do on tour without feeling guilty that you are checking your facebook every ten minutes. Its more of a job now. But we can see how important social media is and we like to take advantage of that.

What does the rest of 2013 hold for Icky Blossoms?

We are going into the studio this fall to record new music.

I guess I may as well ask the question everyone else wants to. Where did the band name come from?

Our friend Jesse had a band named Icky Blossoms that broke up. It always stuck out to us on paper. It seems to mean something different every place we go. It goes from weird sexual references to weed – We just felt it fit us right. We are 3 weirdos searching for beauty.

Finally are there any words you would like to say to your loyal fans?

If you are out there and you are a loyal fan. Thank you. As we learn, we will put what we learn into what we create. We aren’t a cult like they say. You are all kings to us.