From James Hetfield to Jimi Hendrix, Dave Grohl to Dio, these rockstars might differ musically, but they all have one thing in common: that effortless rockstar look.

They may have a slight advantage because, well, they are bona fide rockers, but that doesn’t mean we can’t steal their style (even if we don’t have their musical talent). But how does one achieve that cool look without having to pick up a guitar or learn to sing? Simple, just follow our guide.

We’re not talking about buying a wallet chain and t-shirt from Hot Topic and then calling it a day, but in reality, achieving that rockstar style doesn’t take that much effort. First off, if you haven’t already got a pair of black jeans, then buy some quick smart. These are multipurpose and practically go with everything. Oh, and extra rockstar cred if the jeans are slightly faded and ripped.

Next up, get yourself a plain t-shirt. There’s a reason the humble plain white t has stayed relevant for decades, and that’s because it’s unavoidably cool. Black is perhaps a little more rock ‘n’ roll, but either one has that “I don’t care about fashion” vibe that is synonymous with rocking out. With this as your base layer, you can then top things off with either a vintage leather jacket or a red plaid shirt. Both are awesome over a plain t-shirt, and you can even wrap the plaid shirt around your waist for an even more badass look.

Now we come to accessories. You don’t need to go overboard with all sorts of studs and silver pieces, as less is more when we’re talking about embellishments.

Sweatbands are always a staple accessory for the rockstar and Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris is famous for his maroon and blue sweatbands. Sunglasses are perhaps the coolest accessory a rockstar can have, but it all depends on what style you’ve chosen. Wayfarers or aviators are undoubtedly the favored options when it comes to rockstar sunglasses, but see what a place like Edel Optics has in store and find a style that suits you.

Finally, time to choose a pair of boots. There’s always a time for Nike’s, but when you’re going full rockstar, then it simply has to be a sturdy pair of boots. These embody toughness and power – exactly what you’re going for with the rockstar look. Like most things rock ‘n’ roll, black is usually the preferred choice, so now you just have to pick your type. Wingtip boots are a great choice, as are work boots, but take a look at Gear Patrol and go from there.

And hey, maybe after dressing like a rockstar, you may well be inspired to become the real thing after all! Learn how some rockstars became famous and maybe you can do the same.