Dark pop gem ‘I Don’t Want To Be Angry’: a powerful work by Lucy Lane

"Anger is one of the most important emotions in the human experience. It’s primitive and protective"
11 August 2023

Lucy Lane‘s dark pop gem I Don’t Want To Be Angry and the aptly lush video have landed her on the music scene with her distinctive sound and direct lyrics.

With a demonstration of her fearless approach to exploring themes of anger and resentment, while executing a stylish production style and artistic vision.

I Don’t Want To Be Angry explores her relationship with female rage, drawing inspiration from her turbulent childhood experiences and the horrific realities of gender-based violence.

Her grief, sadness, and rage are expressed creatively through the song’s dark and atmospheric sound. and the demand for justice and the restoring of the balance between light and darkness.

Lucy Lane‘s music transcends genre boundaries by drawing inspiration from unapologetic pop, classic rock, and euphoric electronic music. The tension between classic arrangements and contemporary themes is created by her anthemic lyrics and catchy melodies, resulting in a unique and captivating sound.

Lucy Lane explains: Anger is one of the most important emotions in the human experience. It’s primitive and protective. It shapes our moral compass and sparks change. It’s not the emotion that’s the problem, but the way we express it. I was angry about everything from structural violence to a guy who wasn’t texting me back when I wrote it. So I think everyone can relate to it – because anger is a universal experience. But in our society, we’ve been taught to suppress it – especially women. This song is about honouring it, as part of healthy anger expression. ‘Love is the default, hate is a knife, anger is pure if you use it with light.’ When you learn to control it, instead of letting it control you, it becomes pure, even divine.”

The track’s spell-like quality is created by the ethereal synth pad, pounding drums, and poignant lyrics, creating a anthem for releasing anger and seeking justice. Lucy Lane‘s creative process involved working with her producer, Mint Sauce, and guitarist Eric Matern, who played a role in the apocalyptic and dramatic elements of the track. Jackson Hoffman‘s original approach to mixing and mastering brought a St. Vincent or Karen O finish to a powerful sonic experience.

Kassandra Powell, a breakout London-based filmmaker, directed the aptly stunning and powerful music video. Lane and Powell, along with production company Camp, worked together on the concept after Lane proposed a dramatic haircutting scene while wearing her mother’s wedding dress.

The references go from Joan of Arc to Roméo and Juliette by Baz Luhrmann, a dark fairytale of a girl whose anger grows in her hair is brought to life as the video moves through three abstract, minimalist scenes.

With I Don’t Want To Be Angry, Lucy Lane solidifies her position as a rising force in the music dark-pop sphere . She fearlessly embraces  the darkest side of herself, in an act of creative un-numbing and personal freedom.

She refuses to be hindered by imposter syndrome, ageism, or industry elitism, and she combines catchy tunes with deep thoughts to create a captivating blend of old-school and modern soundscapes.

Photos by Lily Lytton