"It goes from headbanging heavy to delicate psychedelia and back again."

By Vanessa B

We caught up with Brighton based Garage Rock Power Trio Hybrid Kid as they share the single ‘Change Your Mind‘ along with their top 5 musical influences.

The group has been playing for a number of years in various guises and places, including the US, where they were based for a prolonged stint. Now back on home soil, appearances on Brighton’s Latest TV, The Roadee, airplay on BBC 6Music, BBC Sussex, Radio Reverb and many college radio stations worldwide have gradually garnered an underground cult following. Check out ‘Change Your Mind‘ and the band’s top influences below.

Teleman – Dusseldorf
Love this song. So groovy with the hammering piano and guitar.

Jonathan Wilson – Cecil Taylor
Hippy heaven. Just beautiful. Harmonies, guitar, lyrics are all gorgeous.

Pond – Giant Tortoise
Love the dynamics in this one. It goes from headbanging heavy to delicate psychedelia and back again.

Radiohead – Street Spirit
Could have picked a whole bunch of their songs but the video for this is pretty special.

Pavement – Stereo
Heavy slacker vibe here with a big heavy groove