HUX Share LEMONADE: Filled With Sunshine Rhythms And Smooth Guitar Licks

By Frank Bell

Blending irresistible pop melodies with their breezy vocal harmonies, Australian/English duo HUX drop Lemonade – the debut single from their forthcoming EP.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jason Mraz and John Mayer to create their rich soundscapes, Lemonade is filled with sunshine rhythms and smooth guitar licks – a dreamy ode to the end of the summer months. Lemonade is about taking the bad alongside the good, and the idea that accepting that we can’t live in a permanent state of happiness is a step in the direction of maintaining it”, the duo explain. 

“We had this half-song that we called ‘Honey-Sweet’ which was going nowhere, but we liked that lyric so built the first verse around that. The rest just fell into place with help from producer/writers Alex Charles and Tom Williams. We loved the vibe of the track but also loved the message.”

With the video to follow on Friday as well as an EP on the horizon, we’re excited about what’s to come.

Photo by Joseph Sinclair