By Vee D

Australian/English duo HUX are set to kickstart the next chapter of their career with Headrush, another slice of infectious indie-pop from the pair.

It’s richly romantic – “about being able to feel the same electricity with someone over time, that you felt right from the start”, they explain.

“It’s about being in a position where your love for somebody is something you can rely on, something that is a constant in a constantly changing world. It’s written as a love song between two people building a romantic relationship but the message is also celebrating or simply acknowledging that love, which can come from a friend/family member/partner/whatever, keeps us connected through everything that goes on around us.”

Discovered by Toby Smith from Jamiroquai who started developing and recording them straight out of school, George and Pat have since been touring London’s coveted music venues, landing a support slot for Robbie Williams at Camden’s Roundhouse.

With the full project soon to follow, Headrush is a candid evaluation of the importance of intimate relationships – tune in.