hunter valentine5With plenty of sexy rock n’ roll personalities and exceptional musical talent, Hunter Valentine already devoted fan base in the US, grew even more when, lead singer Kiyomi McCloskey and drummer Laura Petracca starred in the massive TV series, ‘The Real L Word’.

Now they return with the album ‘Collide And Conquer’, set for UK release on 17th June, 2013 and UK dates in April / May.

‘Collide and Conquer’ was produced by Greg Nori, who has also worked with Sum 41, Iggy Pop and Hedleyhunter valentine6McCloskey says: “I’m inspired by a situation, picture or emotion that I just can’t shake from my head,”

“It could be the sad look of a girl I see on the bus weekly that has been imprinted on my mind, someone crossing me in a friendship, the passing of a relative, watching someone struggle with addiction or whatever needs to be processed within a song in order for me to move forward in life. If I didn’t have songwriting I would probably be locked up by now.”

Petracca explains: “It’s a kick ass, high energy, entertaining, heartbreaking, heart racing, rush of emotions. You leave satisfied but wanting more,”

“This band is my family; my life. This is our primary goal and we have the opportunity to excel at music so we’re into it full-throttle. This is the only thing we want to do until we master it. The day we step away is the day we’ve done it all and there’s nothing more we can do.”hunter valentine4Hunter Valentine are opening for Sum 41 in the US and then heading over here before hitting the road with the timeless Cyndi Lauper. Though they started in Canada, the band now calls New York City home.

April 29th – The Garage, London
April 30th – Hebden Bridge Trading Club, West Yorkshire
May 1st – The Black Lion, Brighton
May 2nd – The Candy Bar, Soho
May 3rd – Stag & Hounds, Bristol