HunBjørn Challenges The Negative Impact Of Social Media With Refreshing ‘KEEP BREATHING

Danish artist HunBjørn has been putting out a slew of evocative and thought-provoking electro-pop singles recently, the latest of which is the icy cool Keep Breathing.

An ode to having the guts to be yourself and show all sides of your personality including the vulnerable in an age of glossy superficial social media presences, Keep Breathing is a refreshing and comforting detox of pulsating darkly woven beats, sparkling synths and breezy vocals.

HunBjørn’s vocal cuts through the retro soundscapes like a courageous arctic wind coming to challenge narcissism and the direct negative impact social media can have on young people. “I think everybody compares themselves to others, but if it gets out of hand, If you’re afraid of actually doing things that you love, things that makes you happy, it’s really time to take a deep breath and reconnect with yourself, she says.

The track comes from HunBjørn’s new EP Next Summer due in October this year.