HUGO VALENTINE Showcases Another Winner With RULE THE WORLD

By Holly Frith

Hugo Valentine returns today, armed with his third 2020 single titled Rule The World. Following up on his All I Want and My Friend, which have gained over 200,000 Spotify streams, this rising talent shows no signs of slowing down. 

He explains the meaning behind its soulful energy, saying: “[The] production for this song was exciting to do. Henrik and I took to the studio as normal, and after not very long a clear picture had formulated of how we would play this out. Drums and bassguitar set the tone for the track, and the rest fell into place soon after. We really explored the use of builds in this track, using breakdowns and big backing vocals to bring light and shade. This one has not yet been heard live – something to look forward to when we begin doing live shows again!”

It was written for a friend struggling with addiction issues, and Valentine goes on to reveal: “It’s an appeal to him to fight to regain his love of life and to find joy in positive things. It is difficult to witness the desperation and destruction that addiction causes but in writing ‘Rule The World, I seek to sum up both pain and hope, aiming to uplift the listener and bring light to the darkness.”  Stream Rule The World now.