Dublin’s Hudson Taylor (charming brothers Harry and Alfie) release their first EP ‘Battles’ on the 27th August 2012. So let’s see what, one of best new acts for 2012, have to say to Wee Claire about their music and more…
How would you describe the music on your forthcoming ‘Battles’ EP?

All main parts in the recordings are based around both of us playing live in a room. It’s not too produced and it’s live sounding. It’s only got acoustic instruments in it.

Your both brothers – do you ever get annoyed with each other when your gigging, touring or writing together?

We get more annoyed about little petty things like not sharing food. Very rarely anything that escalades past a day of being slightly snappy with each other. We think it’s normal amount for people who see each other every day and work together. You’re influenced by folk and pop – who are your favourite folk and pop acts?

Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan, Jonny Cash, Coldplay, Beatles, Jack White

With Dublin being your hometown – what was it like growing up there and did it influence your music?

We grew up in suburban Dublin. We lived 5 minutes from the sea and around an abundance of parks and green area. Growing up there was amazing. It was and is still our favourite place to be.

It’s hard to think what life might have been like if our Parents (who are English) had to decided to stay in London and we be brought up over here. Being in Ireland definitely influenced our music.

A lot of people play traditional folk music, like gigs and reels and all that stuff and being surrounded by that from a young age made us appreciate music from a young age. Also, busking in Irish cities is unrivalled.With so many “tools” being available to younger bands these days – YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, for example – do you find these serve as a positive or negative? There are so many younger bands trying to make it using these social networking sites, perhaps it’s too “noisy” out there?

We have a lot to owe to social media websites. It has certainly served as a positive for us. We consider our start point as a band August 14th 2008, the day we first uploaded a video to YouTube.

Watching the online world respond positively to us helped us build extra confidence. We think the point of these websites is that they should be used as a platform.

There is definitely a lot of “noise” but if you combine good song-writing, originality, playing live gigs and having a genuine love for what you’re doing then you should stand out in the “noise”.

What have been your biggest gigs to date and do you have any weird or strange live stories you’d like to share?

Our biggest gig to date was a support slot in the Olympia theatre in Dublin and The Waterfront in Belfast.

If you could collaborate with any band or artist from any time, who would it be?

Stevie Wonder, Jack White and Johnny Cash

What’s on your “wish list” for 2012 – what would you like to happen before the end of the year?

We hope to get to play a few big gigs, whether they be support slots or a headline show in either Dublin or London.

Are there any places in the world you’re dying to play, tell us where and why?

New Orleans. We have a lot of family in “The Deep South” living in Louisiana’s great city of New Orleans. We’ve never been to the US and we have a deal with ourselves and with the family over there that the first time we go across the pond we have to visit there.
We won’t just be visiting family and hopefully we’ll get to play somewhere. Maybe we should wait still we’re both 21 though

The music overlords have decreed that you must choose between either Katy Perry or Lady Gaga to front the band for one gig only. Who would you choose and why?

Katy Perry. Hands down. Whenever you listen to ‘Teenage Dream’, it’s hard not to feel like a teenage girl for the 3 minutes of that song.

Every single she’s released in the UK has been a number one so she must be doing something right.

Not to mention she’s a naturally pretty girl and looks like Zoey Deschanel.


Photos by Jack Davison jackdavison.co.uk
By Wee Claire ©FAMEMAGAZINE.co.uk