Howard Kaye delves into his past love with massive heavy rock anthem ‘Last Generation’

By Frank Bell

It’s amazing how artists can grow and move with the times, and in Howard Kaye’s case, he has immersed himself into what made him fall in love with music in the first place. ‘Last Generation’ is a song too many that will sound like a complete change in direction and genre for Howard, but in reality, this is a big step that he always wanted to take. Making his name in the world of electronic music, he then wanted to stop conforming to what he felt like he had to do, and instead focused on himself.

The result has ended up being a track that you could easily slot into one of Linkin Park’s many great albums all those years back, and it wouldn’t be out of place. ‘Last Generation’ is a heavy, almost metal reflection song about the pandemic and how people did bring out the worst of themselves. In Kaye’s world though, it’s only been positive. If you’re a fan of Royal Blood, Nothing But Thieves, and more, you will have no trouble listening to this diamond in the rough. With his sights set on a big 2022, Howard is going to further explore and push his sound in this genre, and who can blame him.

Speaking more on the meaning behind the track, Howard explains: “‘Last Generation’ is a track about taking life for granted. We are all guilty of putting ourselves before others without worrying about the consequences. The pandemic has taught me a lot, we are all in this together but as soon as people start to panic and go out of their way to protect themselves rather than anyone else all that goes out the window. So do we make sacrifices for the sake of the people as a whole? Or are we too selfish to see past our own reflection, are we the ‘Last Generation’?”


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