superdry denim men1Denim is a key item in many a man’s wardrobe, but now it’s time to put those jumpers to the back for a few months, how are you going to style it? You need to beat the heat, but of course still look stylish – so here are a few ideas that might just help you do that!

Distressed Jeans

According to GQ magazine, the catwalks in London, Milan and Paris showed us that jeans are going to be more distressed than ever before this spring and summer. Denim will be ripped, patched, bleached – all but destroyed, basically. superdry jeansUltimately your jeans need to look lived in and you will be bang on trend. But, the more rips the more air can get to your legs, the cooler you will feel in the sun.

White Jeans

White jeans don’t attract as much heat as darker jeans so they are a good way to keep cool in the summer. However, these are notoriously hard to pull off and not every man will feel comfortable trying to do so. asos white jeansASOS provide a few tips on how to wear these light-coloured jeans – but if you choose to do so, just be careful your ice-lolly doesn’t drip down them!

A white t-shirt with blue jeans

If you want to look and feel hot in the sun then, apparently, you simply want to team your blue jeans with a white t-shirt. james deanResearch conducted to mark the release of James Dean Ultimate Collector’s Edition box set found that 34% of men bulk-buy white shirts and 11% of men always have six or more at any one time.

Luckily for you men, this is a look that suits anyone and with more then half of adults thinking that it is the most iconic look for a man, you can’t go wrong.

If it’s good enough for style-icon David Beckham, then it is a must have for your wardrobe – you can find the perfect pair hereDavid Beckham2
Denim Shorts

Why not forget about the jeans altogether and when the sun comes out swap them for a pair of denim jean shorts? The perfect way to stay cool, in both senses of the word. superdry short jeans menThese should be neither too long nor too short; just above the knee is the perfect length. Then team them with either a collared shirt or t-shirt and trainers or flip-flops – for a laid back look this summer!

The Denim Jacket

This is the perfect jacket for those cooler evenings after the sun has gone down.

If you are planning the double denim look perhaps avoid double blue and consider varying colours and shades, such as white jeans and a light blue denim jacket or black jeans and a chambray shirt. superdry jeans men1bThe Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is perfect to throw over a t-shirt for a cool and casual look, or to wear buttoned up with a blazer for those days that require a smarter look. Opt for a style that fits trim but not tight and make sure the denim is lightweight – as above, chambray options are ideal for summer.

There you have it, the perfect ways to wear denim in the sun for a man who loves his jeans!