How To Stay Safe And Be Responsible When Flying During COVID

The COVID pandemic put a stop to all of our travel plans for a long time, but now that things are opening up again, you may be planning another trip.
18 August 2021

By Vanessa B

The COVID pandemic put a stop to all of our travel plans for a long time, but now that things are opening up again, you may be planning another trip. But even though things are starting to get back to normal, that doesn’t mean the danger is gone. Being in busy places like airports or spending a lot of time in a confined space like a plane drastically increases your chances of contracting COVID. Even if you have been vaccinated, you still risk spreading the virus, so you have to be very careful. The good news is, you can still go ahead with your travel plans as long as you take the necessary steps to keep yourself safe. Here’s how to stay safe when flying during the COVID pandemic.

Consider Chartering A Private Flight

If you have the money to afford it, this is an excellent way of traveling. You don’t have to worry about going through the lengthy check-in and security process, so it’s far less stressful. Additionally, there will be fewer people in the terminal building, which means fewer chances for the virus to spread and you’ll spend less time breathing recirculated air with everyone else on the flight. You can book a private jet through a broker (read what is a private jet charter broker for more information) and they will handle everything for you. Private charters are more expensive than a standard flight but they are more reasonable than you might think. Besides, you can’t put a price on safety.

Book At The Quietest Times

You can easily find the busiest times of day for any airport online, so you can avoid those flights. Try to book a flight when there is a lull in the traffic. This will be easier if you plan your trip at off-peak times, but even with popular routes during the summer holidays, it should still be possible to get a seat on an early flight or late night flight. Lots of people choose to travel at these times because they are the cheapest, so you can save on your trip while avoiding the crowds and reducing the COVID risk.

Check The Airline COVID Safety Rules

Even though the risk of contracting COVID on your flight is low, it’s still there. Airline personnel are well trained to deal with it and will enforce strict hygiene and safety protocols on the plane. You do need to know what they expect from you at this point in time, so check out their website or call them up for more information.

Wear Your Mask Throughout The Flight

Whether it is an official law in the country or just company policy, you are expected to wear your mask the entire time you are on the flight. This will help prevent disease transmission and make sure you don’t spread COVID through the air vents. It also helps other passengers feel more comfortable.

Sanitize Regularly

As you are waiting for the flight, be sure to keep sanitizing your hands. Be especially careful when touching common areas like door handles and chairs.

Once you get on board you will want to sanitize your hands again. If you are eating on the plane, sanitize before and after and be sure to sanitize again before getting off the plane.

Make sure to use a good quality sanitizer with at least 70% alcohol content. Cheaper options with a lower alcohol content will not effectively kill the virus, so you are not staying safe.

Reconsider Your Trip If COVID Infection Rates Are High

If the COVID infection rate is high at your destination, it may not be worth taking the trip. Due to travel restrictions, you may not be able to leave that country until the situation changes. Make sure you do as much research on infection rates as possible and weigh up whether it is worth the risk to travel or not.

You also need to consider the infection rate at home. If you are traveling from an area with a lot of cases, you risk spreading the infection across the world. It is important that everybody is responsible when traveling, so be realistic about how safe it is and think about rescheduling your trip.

Traveling right now is a balancing act. Although things are safer than they were, the virus hasn’t disappeared. Ultimately, you need to take responsibility if you decide to fly and make sure that you are doing everything you can to reduce the risks. If the situation doesn’t look good at home or in the country you are traveling to, reconsider the trip.