How To Plan Your 2021 Career Goals


At the beginning of this new decade, nobody could have predicted the events of  2020. With a global pandemic and the economic crash that happened as a result–and that still challenges entrepreneurs in highly unimaginable ways. 

In spite of the unknown, self-employed folk will know that future planning is key to help them to move forward into the new year. 

So whether you’re a long-term business owner, or looking to make your side-hustle your main gig, here are some steps you can take to start planning ahead for the upcoming year. 

Long term goals: Revisit your Vision

When devising a plan for the year ahead, the first step should involve looking at goals and how they can fit into the long-term vision of your business. If you take the time to explore your vision, you can then identify how the needs of your business will shift over a length of time in order to achieve them.

When exploring your goals, you will remember where you plan to head and the reasons for this. While there are many uncontrollable aspects of the world that may have hindered the achievement of your goals, your vision is still there. Think about the ways in which you can re-route your path so that you can still achieve your vision with an extended timeline.

Set short-term goals 

After you’ve revisited your long-term goals/vision– think about what you need to have achieved by this time next year in order to make that happen. 

Identify 3 or 4 goals for your career. Do you want to improve on your social media presence to reach more of your target audience? Do you want to use a secure cryptocurrency trading platform to start growing your digital assets for futureproof financial success? Or, is considering hiring more people to help to manage your marketing and PR something you would like to achieve this year?  

Regardless of what your vision for the year is, goal setting is what will lead you to success. Set goals that are measurable and easy to keep a track of. For example, a SMART goal of ‘reach out to my network to hire a graphic designer for my brand logo’ is much more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound than ‘work on visuals’.

Here, you can use these short-term goals to work out how you will track the success of your goal setting. Specific metrics are a great way of being able to measure your success and identifying the things that are working and why they are doing so. 

Create a strategy to achieve your goals

With your short-term goals and vision in place, you will now have a better idea of what you’re working towards. With this in mind, you will now be able to design your strategy and plan on how you will implement these initiatives. 

Break them down into daily tasks that will work within your weekly schedule that you will revisit at various points throughout the year to help you to stay on track.