How To Plan The Perfect Proposal

After getting each other through this difficult 18 months, you probably feel more committed to each other than ever. If you now can’t imagine life without your S/O, proposing will feel like the natural next step. 
1st September 2021

By Vanessa B

While the pandemic has brought vast levels of negativity to our lives, it has also equipped us with a sense of perspective like never before. We now truly appreciate what and, more importantly, who matters.

After getting each other through this difficult 18 months, you probably feel more committed to each other than ever. If you now can’t imagine life without your S/O, proposing will feel like the natural next step. 

Before popping the question, though, you need to make the right plans to ensure it’s as magical as your partner deserves. Here are six simple steps that will guide you to success.

Find the dream ring

The most important part of a proposal is the commitment between two people. Still, when imagining the picture-perfect moment, there’s no escaping the importance of the ring. You want a statement piece that will light up your partner’s face and leave them wanting to show it off.

When looking at engagement rings, it needs to feel right for the wearer. The choice of the band material, color, gemstones, size, and general style are all key. While the wrong choice probably won’t see your lover decline the proposal, the disappointment will be clear.

Besides, knowing that you have the perfect ring ahead of the proposal will help you enter the process with far greater confidence.

Plan the destination

Vacation proposals may be a little cliche, but they are guaranteed to sprinkle some magic on the occasion. After being locked indoors for so long, taking a break should be on the cards for all couples. The fact you plan to propose simply confirms that it is the perfect time for a holiday.

The perfect destination for your first post-lockdown trip should cover various aspects. Value for money, good weather, low risks of Covid infections, and suitable time frames are all key features. When planning to propose, you also need to think about the romance factor.

It doesn’t have to be Paris or Rome by any means. You simply need a destination where you can find romantic backdrops. 

Prepare the moment

Ever since the relationship became serious, thoughts of getting engaged have been in your heads. Naturally, then, you want the moment itself to deliver perfection. If you want the dream to become a reality, you must plan the process.

Some people plan their speech word for word. Others simply have a rough idea of what they’ll see. Meanwhile, you want the moment to be a surprise. Sunsets, romantic meals, and the end of once-in-a-lifetime activities are all good examples. Planning great attire without giving the game away is vital too.

On a side note, if you can get someone to take photos – a stranger or friend is fine – this will have a huge impact.

Be prepared for problems

When planning the marriage proposal, it’s easy to rush into your ideas without seeing the full picture. Firstly, you must ensure that any plans you have are designed with your partner in mind and not centered around you.

Secondly, you should consider any other issues that may make the timing wrong. Is your partner currently helping a sibling through ill health? Or maybe they are still waiting to finalize a divorce from their ex. There are a range of life situations that could come into play. Make sure that you’ve considered them all before making the move.

When you consciously rule out the potential obstacles, you can be sure that your proposal will be the stuff of dreams.

Ask the in-laws

Proposals and the subsequent wedding are steeped in traditions. While the exact list of traditions will vary from one country and culture to the next, some are more common than others. Seeking permission from the future in-laws is one of the most frequent.

In an ideal world, you will have a good relationship with your partner’s parents. Even if this isn’t the case, seeking their blessing can be a key step towards gaining their respect. If you are separated by long distances, video calls offer an alternative. Doing it by text message, for example, would feel insincere. 

Getting the in-laws to feel positive will make the future wedding plans far less stressful too. Do not underestimate this for a second.

Make plans to celebrate

Finally, once you have confirmed your plans to get married, you’ll want to celebrate your big news with friends and family. Given how limited social activities have been in recent times, the magic of this moment will be even greater. 

Moreover, hiring a hall and entertainment will keep your excitement going as you move into the process of thinking about the wedding. The photographs taken can decorate your home while also helping you leave the pandemic behind. This should be an exciting and blessed time. Do not forget it.

If nothing else, a big engagement celebration can help promote a calmness that lets you avoid rushing the wedding plans. Take your time and build the perfect big day.


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