How To Plan A Successful Mini Festival

By Vanessa B

Longing for the return of music festivals? While we wait, there may be a way to get your festival fix on a much smaller scale. A mini-festival is a great way to mark a special occasion and will serve as a truly memorable day of celebrating something big with friends and family, or even just your housemates.

Maybe you’re planning a surprise for someone’s birthday or simply celebrating that the summer has arrived. With the proper precautions taken and careful planning, a mini-festival can make for a fantastic way to mark the occasion.

What is a Mini Festival?

A mini festival is essentially a much smaller version of the regular festivals that you likely know and love. Think music, dancing, food, drink, and lots of people having a great time.

This might sound like a lot to organise, but it will certainly be worth the effort when you are having fun with your friends and family on the day. To make sure everything runs as smoothly and as stress-free as possible, it is a good idea to ask for help when planning your mini-festival.

What Will You Need?

To host your very own mini-festival, you will need a few essentials. Get creative with outdoor lights, decorations, food, drinks and fun activities. For example, you might try upcycling clothes or furniture, outdoor yoga, or creating your own “beach” to lounge and take photos on or play games.

To create a great show, you will want to erect a stage for your musicians to perform on. For Stage hire in London, there are a number of great choices, with delivery possible across the UK. 

You will need to think about the kind of food and drink you want to serve to your guests and research local caterers if you do not want to prepare it yourself.

You should also consider the following points:

  • How easy will it be for your guests to get to the venue/location?
  • How much parking will be available for your guests?
  • Will there be adequate toilet facilities for the number of people in attendance?
  • How much space do you have to work with?
  • Will your guests be staying overnight/camping?
  • What will the procedure be in case of an emergency?

You will truly need to think about absolutely anything to prevent any last-minute issues or disasters.

The Planning Process

 As you plan your mini-festival, there are several important considerations to keep in mind.

You should never assume that you can simply go ahead and organize an event of this nature wherever you want. When you want to do so in a public place, such as a park or field, you will need permission in advance from the local authority.

You may also need to obtain a Temporary Events Notice, depending on the kind of event you are throwing and how late into the night it will be going on. This is also a point you will have to look into if you will be serving alcohol at your event.

Additionally, it can be worthwhile investing in security services, even if you feel as though your event is too small for this kind of concern. 

Have a Great Time

Planning a mini-festival can be hard work, and this can leave you feeling totally worn out by the time the event itself comes around. 

Making sure you have adequate help and that you do not overwhelm yourself will ensure you have a great time at the festival too!