How To Make Your Uni Room Feel Homier

Going from secondary school to university is a huge transition. For many young people, it will be the first time that they have spent an extended amount of time away from home.
15 August 2021

By Vanessa B

Going from secondary school to university is a huge transition. For many young people, it will be the first time that they have spent an extended amount of time away from home. Of course, feeling homesick is to be expected, but that is why it is so important to make your room feel more like home. That being said, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially as most students are on a budget. Don’t worry; there are lots of easy, budget-friendly things you can do to personalize your space.

This is one of the easiest ways to make your room feel more personal and try to stave off homesickness. You can get cute little frames for them or maybe just blu-tack them to the wall – it’s up to you and whatever aesthetic you prefer. This is a really effective and cheap option that you can use to decorate, especially if you find some free photo prints. Photobox offers a free photo printing service, you get fifty free photos a month, and all you have to pay for is the postage. This means that if you decide you want to make a photo wall with a service like Photobox’s, you can continually add to it each month and display some of your favorite moments from Uni. 

Fairy Lights

Again, this is another simple but effective technique. They are incredibly versatile, you can wrap them around your bed, or the desk, or even your curtain poles; the possibilities are truly endless. Fairy lights can be great for the atmospherics of the room and a really easy way to create a more mellow mood as sometimes the lighting within Uni rooms can be a little harsh. There are lots of different styles of fairy lights so you should be able to find something to suit most tastes. 


Injecting a little bit of nature into your room can breathe a bit of life into the space. There are a number of benefits to keeping indoor plants, including an improved mood and better air quality in the room. They can also totally revamp the look of the room. If you aren’t the best at keeping them alive, you could also buy fake plants or very low-maintenance plants such as a cactus. 


Posters are really in the same vein as photographers. They are also a great way to decorate your walls. You can get posters of almost anything these days – especially if you order a custom one. Whether your favorite band, television show, film, or even a blown-up magazine cover. They can be a really good conversation starter which can help you make new friends in your accommodation. And often, they are also extremely affordable and really quick and easy to hang.


Putting down an area rug is also a really good way to overhaul the look of the room. Again, depending on what floor your room has, it can really help. Even if you are lucky and you get a room with laminate flooring, putting down an area rug can change the feel of the space. It helps to distinguish your room from the others in your accommodation, too, as often the bare bones of the rooms are all the same, and so any additions you make will help to make the room feel more uniquely yours. 

Candles or Reed Diffusers

Some universities don’t allow combustibles in the bedrooms. So make sure that you check your universities rules before buying any. However, candles are another easy thing that you can use to decorate your room. They look pretty, they smell nice, they are relaxing, and you can use them to create mood lighting- what’s not to like? If you aren’t allowed candles, you could instead look for reed diffusers that you do not have to light, but you still get a lovely smell, and they look nice too. 


University rooms often only a few pieces of furniture, they have a bed, a desk and a wardrobe and so there aren’t too many options for personalization in that sense, and so you have to use what you have, which is why bedding is so important. Your choice of bedsheets can set off the whole room. You are going to need a couple of sets anyway, so you might as well choose some that you love. 

Next up for the bed are cushions and throws. Soft furnishings can really help to make your room feel homier. They help to fill up the space more so that it doesn’t feel so bare and empty. Choose some different textures to switch things up. They also help the room feel cozy and more snug which can help in the winter months as Uni rooms are notoriously cold. 


Because there is often not much storage in Uni bedrooms, organizational tools are really important. Things like desk organizers or bathroom organizers can save space, and often they make your things look tidier too. There are lots of different options that you can buy to suit all space requirements.


A good mirror is essential. Some rooms come with them, and some don’t, so make sure you check beforehand. Everyone needs a mirror, but they are can also a really cool design feature in your room. Whatever your style or aesthetic, a mirror can often act as the finishing touch. Whether you go for a full-length mirror or a smaller option, there are so many different styles to go with your room’s look. 

If you want to hang a mirror in your room but aren’t sure how your best bet is to use command hooks. Most universities will not allow you to hang anything up with nails. Command hooks work really simply; you remove a layer of tape and stick them to the wall where they stay secure until you leave and remove it. It doesn’t leave behind any stains or marks either.

In Conclusion: If you were to ask anyone who has been to Uni, most people would say that it was one of the best times of their lives. Although it is often daunting when making the initial leap. The best thing you can do is to make your room feel more homey; it will help to alleviate feelings of homesickness as well as being a cool place to hang out for you and your new friends. 


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