How to Make Working from Home More Comfortable


Over the last year, a lot of people have been forced to move from their usual work office and set up at home instead. While there have been some perks to this, such as not having to deal with the commute and being able to work in sweatpants rather than office attire, it has also come with a lot of challenges. It can be hard to get into work-mode when you are surrounded by home comforts and some people have not had a lot of space or even a desk at home to work from. If it appears as though you will still be working from home for the foreseeable future, here are a few ways you can make the whole experience more comfortable. 

Get a Good Office Chair

If you do have a desk or table to work from, consider investing in a proper ergonomic office chair to sit in while you carry out your daily tasks. It will provide you with better support while you sit for hours typing away as they have been specifically designed for this purpose – unlike your dining room chairs. If you have been noticing back pain in recent months, this could be one of the reasons why, so getting yourself a good quality office chair should make a difference.

Create a Proper Work-zone

For some working from the kitchen table might be the only option if you are limited on space at home, but if you do have a spare bedroom or a corner that can fit a desk, create a proper work-zone for yourself. This will help you to mentally separate your living environment from your home office and you might find that focusing on your work becomes easier because of that. It will also help you avoid any distractions like doing the dishes or other people walking past when you are in the middle of a Zoom call or trying to concentrate on a task.

Get Computer Glasses

If you are working at a computer all day, the light from the screen can put a strain on your eyes. Even if you do not need glasses, if you have noticed your vision getting a bit blurry or your eyes are feeling strained, computer glasses could help remedy that. If the problem persists even after you have started wearing them, perhaps you should book in for an eye-test to make sure you do not need prescription lenses instead. You can find a range of computer glasses at

Good Lighting

Where possible, try to set up your workstation near a window so you are exposed to a good amount of natural light each day. It will help improve your mood, but it will also be easier on your eyes when you are working. For the gloomier days or if you work into the evening, make sure you have a good desk lamp set up rather than just staring into the glow of your computer screen. 

Working from home has been a strange transition for everyone, but it is important to make sure the experience is as comfortable for you as possible. If you have not done so already, use these tips to make your new home office a better working environment for you.