How To Make A Travel Scrapbook

If you do not know where to start to make a travel scrapbook, here are some tips
9 August 2023

No matter what type of traveller you are, we bet that you take lots of images and videos. If so, why wouldn’t you want to put them into a travel scrapbook and make your memories last forever?

If you do not know where to start to make a travel scrapbook, here are some tips.

Find somewhere professional and affordable to print your photo

You do not need to spend a fortune on printing your photos. You will not want to print them using a standard printer as you will not get a high-quality photo finish.

Instead, you should use professional printing services as you can achieve that glossy, long-lasting finish that will be ideal for any memory book.

Using online photo printing, you can turn any photograph into a long-term memory and add it to your scrapbook. The prices are affordable and delivery is quick, so you can ensure that the printing is within your budget and you don’t need to spend weeks waiting to get started on your memory scrapbook. 

Find the right size book

Another essential and the next step to making a travel scrapbook is to find the perfect size of the book to store your memories.

For instance, you might want a small book that you can take around with you and document things as you travel. Or, you might want a huge travel scrapbook that can house all of the photos that you take on your trips.

If you cannot find the perfect size scrapbook for you, then it could help to make one. Although this can be more expensive, it is ideal if you want your scrapbook to last a long time and ensure that it will fit all of your memories in.

Stock up on scrapbook supplies

You only want to add images to your scrapbook. You will also want to decorate it with fun things. And decorate it with fun things You need certain supplies such as the material for decorations, as well as glue, tape, and more.

Therefore, ensure to stock up on your scrapbook supplies so that whenever you have your photos ready, you can decorate them as best as possible.

Think about the layout

Depending on what type of travel scrapbook you are making, you will want to consider what layout you wish to achieve.

For instance, you might want to make a travel scrapbook per trip and destination. Or you might wish to use one huge strap book for all of your trips combined. Therefore, you will need to consider the layout and understand which images you want to place where. 

When you have considered and finalised the design, you can go ahead and start adding images to your scrapbook as well as designing the pages.

Design a fun front cover

As well as designing the inside of your scrapbook, you might also wish to consider designing the outside of your scrapbook. Having a fun exterior design on a scrapbook will ensure that you feel encouraged to add new photos to it time and time again. 

When the scrapbook looks like something you are proud of from the outside, you will likely want to put it on display, which will ensure that you always remember to add new things to it when you have them ready.

Add any memories, big or small

No matter how big or small the memory is, you should ensure to add it to your scrapbook as every memory matters.

For instance, if you have a picture of a drink that you absolutely loved on your last holiday, why not add it to your scrapbook and ensure that you always remember it? You’ll never want to forget the small details of your trip, so ensure to add any memory that occurs.

Collect travel souvenirs

While you are travelling is a good idea to collect travel souvenirs that can be added to your scrapbook.

For instance, collecting photo cards, postcards, small ribbons, shells from the beach and other things is a great way to add design to your scrapbook and enhance the memories.

No matter what travel souvenirs you pick up, if they fit in the scrapbook, you should add them there so that they are never lost and always remembered.

Add notes and text

As well as adding images to your scrapbook, you should also consider adding notes and text as you can add small descriptive stories so that when you look back through your textbook, you can remember exactly what happened that day.

By the right pages worth of text to describe the occurrences of that day. Or add small descriptive sentences under each or every other photo so that you can remember where you were, what day it was, and small memories of what happened there.

Understand that you could make any type of scrapbook you want

There are no rules to travel scrapbooking. Therefore, it is important to understand now that there are no rules when you’re making your own travel scrapbook.

For instance, if you want to make a travel scrapbook with no text, so be it. If you want to make a travel scrapbook and add a story for every image, then so be it. There really are no rules and you should do whatever you want your own scrapbook to make it unique and personal.

At the end of the day, you are the only one that will likely look through your scrapbook time and time again and it should make you happy. Therefore, design a scrapbook in any way you wish so that you could look back on your memories in the best way possible.

Using this guide, you can best understand how to make the best scrapbook possible for your next trip. Whether you wish to make a scrapbook per trip or a scrapbook to document all of your travels in one, you should ensure to use as many of these tips as possible to design a personal, unique, fun, and memorable scrapbook.