How to Grow Spotify Exposure


Spotify is the kingmaker of the music industry. You know it is the truth. Why? Spotify is the number one digital library and radio discovery tool for the world. This isn’t just a modern convenience that will become outdate in a few years. Spotify has battled against other giants in the industry to become the leader over years of fighting. There have been other champions, but Spotify has won, and it will remain on top.

This means that you will need to use Spotify as your main platform for new audience exposure. Your target demographic may be on other platforms, but not in the volumes as compared with Spotify. Your exposure relies on your ability to properly portray and market your sound on Spotify.

Not everyone can make it big. They all have similar downfalls. You need to avoid these traps if you are going to succeed. The pitfalls aren’t that hard to spot, but they are hard to fix once you fall into them. So, the best bet for your future success is to take the following advice and invest in your profile. How? Learn why you need to buy Spotify streams starting today.

Why Artists Fail at Spotify

Artists fail on Spotify for a lot of reasons. The most significant and most common reason is that they just aren’t that good. A bad artist is a terrible product. No one wants to listen to bad music. Would you eat pizza that tasted like it came out of the trash? Let’s hope you would go somewhere else to find a meal. The same works with music. Most will want to go somewhere else for the artists and sounds that they like.

However, let’s assume that you make incredible music and everyone in the world would live better lives with your albums on repeat. That in and of itself won’t guarantee your success. It won’t even guarantee that you will ever be heard on Spotify. Why? The quality of your sound doesn’t dictate how popular you are. Think of all of the underground artists that are just amazing but never make it big. Why not? 

On Spotify what matters isn’t what people think of your music but what Spotify thinks of your music. That doesn’t make sense. Spotify doesn’t listen to music. True, Spotify is a website, not a person. However, Spotify has a proprietary algorithm that detects, based on specific metrics, what music is popular in each genre.

This algorithm has the ability to detect new hits and up-and-coming artists to share and spread to people that listen to that genre. This means that you need to catch the eye of the algorithm. If you want to blow up, you need to get digitally crazy. 

What to do about that

Well, you need to invest in digital marketing. No, this doesn’t mean going to a marketing studio. It doesn’t mean constant sharing on social media sites. None of this will work and it will just cost too much money. Instead, you need to focus on the Spotify platform specifically and nothing else. 

The algorithm picks up on artists based on the number of listens to their tracks over time. So, if your tracks are picking up steam, then you will get noticed. All you need to do is to get more plays, streams, listens, and followers on your profile.

Is Buying Listens Worth It?

Yes, you can’t get more listeners by getting more listeners. A booster rocket is different than the main engine in a rocket ship because it takes more energy to escape gravity. So, you need to buy Spotify streams and plays to boost your profile into the sphere of vision of the Spotify algorithm. If you just sit back and wait, nothing will ever happen, and you won’t grow. That will end your story.

How does it Work?

When you buy Spotify plays you are buying a unique play or stream of a song. This means that your profile will pick up a hit. Each new hit is visible by the Spotify algorithm. The more hits the better, but timing matters as well. You don’t want a million hits overnight. That is just odd. You want it to look natural. Get your hits overtime and make sure they grow overtime. Don’t start off high. Start off low and slowing build in your numbers to ensure that the plays look natural. Natural growth is rewarded by the Spotify algorithm with more shares and contact with potential audience and new listeners. Soon you will be king of your domain.