How to Create a Trusted Brand – Lessons From the Online Casino Industry


According to research in the 2018 Edelman Earned Brand report, 67 percent of Americans agree that a good reputation will lead them to purchase a product, but they will only keep buying if they realize they can trust the company. This statistic shows that reputation and trust are two of the most important facets a business can control and, if they don’t manage these things successfully, they will lose out to rival companies. One of the most saturated markets on the internet is the online casino industry, and reputation can make or break sites in this highly competitive sector. What do these businesses do to foster trust in players?

Clarity in Terms and Conditions

One of the main ways an online casino, or any other business for that matter, could gain an unhealthy reputation is by misleading customers. For this reason, it is vital that the terms and conditions are thoroughly detailed and tell the customers everything they need to know.

Imperative information would concern how to deposit and withdraw money, and the rules about this. In addition, online casinos need full transparency when it comes to bonuses. If someone wins with free playing money, they need to be aware that this will come with wagering requirements before they can withdraw.

Collaborations with Reputable Brands

One way that players can instantly see if an online casino is legitimate and trustworthy is by taking a glance at some of the developers they have partnerships with. Operators will often choose to feature a number of online casino games that have been created by various different developers.

These companies are usually well known throughout the industry, and players can therefore trust that the games will be reliable. For instance, Paddy Power uses games from Blueprint Gaming, NetEnt, IGT, and Big Time Gaming. These are all giants in the sector, and players know they are getting top quality games when they see these names.

Great Customer Support

The customer support lines are the main point of contact between the online casino and the player. Operators need to make sure that they have numerous channels on which they can be contacted, so that they can suit a variety of different needs. Live chat is on the rise, and 42 percent of customers now prefer this to other options such as email. Most online casinos provide this service alongside traditional channels such as email and phone.

The customer support team needs to be polite and professional, and able to deal with the customers’ needs effectively. Being able to answer queries and deal with problems as they arise can be a massive boost to gaining the trust of customers, as they will feel that they can rely on the business should any other issues arise in the future.

Getting to the top in the online casino industry is a tough feat, and those that have done it have managed to gain excellent reputations. Businesses could learn a lot by examining the success stories of some of the world’s biggest gambling sites.