Transferring your favourite songs and videos to your iPhone or Ipod Touch couldn’t be easier. The difficulty begins when attempting to copy items back to your computer from the device. Plenty of software companies provide this reverse transfer solution but it often comes at a cost and many are less than reliable.

Finding a free alternative that’s easy-to-use can be time consuming. To save you the stress, we’ve put together this handy guide for Mac, Windows and Linux users.mac4

Mac OS X users have been blessed with the useful application Senuti (which cleverly spells iTunes backwards). Once you’ve connected your device, launch the Senuti app and complete the setup questions. Don’t rush this stage as you’ll be asked to confirm where you want the music copied and whether you want it automatically transferred to iTunes.

You’ll now be taken to the main Senuti user interface which looks very similar to iTunes, with the same ease of use. Simply search for any songs that you want to copy, select them and click ‘Transfer’. This straightforward solution isn’t entirely free but you can transfer up to 1000 songs for a trial period.mac3

Sharepod describe their free transfer service as ‘dead simple’ and we couldn’t agree more. It’s quick to install and won’t add any nasty malware to your computer like many other options on the web.Windows3D
Once you’ve installed the software, it will automatically detect your iPod and you’ll be able to select the songs that need to be copied back to your computer.

Before clicking ‘Copy to Computer’ you’ll have the option to choose a desired file location. There’s also the added feature of allowing users to make changes to their library without having to use iTunes. It’s a sleek and easy program that’s one of the best options for Windows.


Linux users have few choices when it comes to transferring files from smart devices. Fortunately, gtkpod is one such program which works effortlessly with minimal fuss.

After downloading, it will show your music library and you can select the tracks you wish to export. Before the transfer is completed, you will be asked to select a directory for where you want the files to be copied.This software offers a range of additional features including the option to create and modify playlists.

Before spending hours searching the web for that free and simple transferring software, try one of these options and you’ll have the job done in no time.