How To Communicate Your Brand As A New Artist

To survive as an artist, you need people to remember you, want more of what you do, and be able to find you. Your brand should help you be more memorable, in demand and discoverable.

Your brand is comprehensive. Your creative work is part of it. The way that you present yourself in person and online is part of it. Things that you might recognise as “traditional” branding such as a logo, brand mark, or other visual and text markers are just one part of your overall brand. This means that any time you are visible to your fans, you’re effectively communicating your brand.

One of the first things to be aware of is that you’re always communicating something, so it’s important to work out what your brand involves and be intentional. This might sound strange, because chances are that your brand as an artist is heavily based on who you are and what you prefer, but it is important to make a distinction between you as a person and you as an artist brand.

Some artists look at this as “performing” their brand and turn it into a sort of character that they act out. It can be helpful to make a list or contact a marketing professional to help you outline what your brand involves.

When it comes to intentionally communicating that brand, you have multiple avenues to consider.

There’s the “live” aspect of your work. Communicating your brand live includes the way that you present yourself and everything from fashion choices to signature movements or expressions. It can also influence your surroundings , such as backgrounds, lighting and any goods you sell. For a band, this means T-shirts, albums, flyers and other goods should be recognisable representations of your brand at a glance.

The digital world offers even more opportunities and demands. Your website, social media presence, and any other online space you inhabit needs to be consistently branded. This can feel easier to do online because it’s already a representation of yourself and not as easily confused with your personal identity.

To present yourself as a polished professional, invest in some quality resources to support your brand, such as a well-designed logo and aesthetic look. Remember, you want to be memorable, in demand and discoverable. Consistent visual branding that appeals to your fans and target audience helps you be memorable and recognisable. This, coupled with an SEO-optimised website and active presence on social media, helps your discoverability.

Increasing demand for your brand is influenced by how well you position and represent yourself. You can boost the perception of quality, value and professionalism with what you share online. Video currently gets the best response and visibility on a number of social media platforms, making it a good choice for content, and it’s easier than ever to create polished-looking short video content with an online animator.

As a new artist, you need to identify your brand and make an effort to communicate it with quality and consistency. Everything you do that is visible to the public is a chance to communicate your brand, so be conscious of how you present yourself live and online on your website and social media, and through text, visual, video and audio content types.