If you have passion, dedication, and a drive to succeed, as well as a particular interest in the entertainment sector, the good news is that you’re already part way to finding your dream job in this most exciting field. The industry is always on the look out for those who are prepared to work hard, and will be likely to excel in their chosen career: could this be you?

Securing that dream role

The most important thing to consider when beginning your career search is what you’re good at. For example, have you got a keen eye, a talent for stringing together IT commands, a passion for visual effects, digital knowledge to rival the best, or an ear for any sound? Finding a job in the entertainment sector is all about focusing your talents, knowing where to look, and getting involved in the right places. E16Scour social media for internships and volunteer opportunities, never stop adding to your portfolio, and always be prepared to go back to school, or college; the entertainment industry is always evolving, so don’t get left behind. It also pays to be cheeky. For example, many entertainment bigwigs have Twitter feeds, so never be afraid of putting yourself out there. montash2This is a brash industry, after all. If you’re really, really committed to finding that dream job, make sure you sign yourself up with a host of technology recruitment sites; their aim is to match the right people to the right kinds of jobs, and you never know what opportunities will come your way – even if they don’t seem relevant at the time.

Finding a position to suit your skills

There is a large number of positions within the entertainment sector, and each requires a particular skillset and personal attributes. Editors, for example, will need a keen eye, creative flair, a good grasp of words and images, and the ability to navigate around a whole range of computer programs. Visual effects professionals, meanwhile, will need a relevant qualification or training, expertise in the right kind of software, an outstanding portfolio, and an interest in making things pop on screen.

Do you have an ear for music or dialogue? Sound, or audio, engineers are used in just about every corner of the entertainment sector, and tackle everything from microphone volume and post-production, to capturing dialogue on a sound stage – sounds complicated, but the right candidate will be able to work their way around such tasks with ease. Animators, on the other hand, tend to focus on one job at a time; computer games, films, television shows, adverts, and even music videos make use of animation these days. E16AIf you have a passion for drawing, would love to see your work come to life, or simply want experience in the world of animation, it’s always worth looking at specialist courses.

Of course, these are just some the jobs available in the entertainment industry – to list them all would take more time than we have. The fantastic thing about the entertainment sector, though, is that the opportunity for a meaningful career is almost endless. No matter what you enjoy most there is likely to be a role that would suit the skills that you possess, such as web development, animation, video production, or sound engineering; the key is to find out what you’re good at. montashBy far the best thing about snaring a role in the field is that you’ll have the chance to embrace your passions. Perhaps you adore gaming, love nothing more than reading about the latest cinema releases, or wondering how particular TV scenes are filmed.

Working in the entertainment sector will open so many doors, answer so many questions, and encourage you to look deeper – you’ll wonder why you waited so long to embrace your dream career.

We’ve all dreamed about getting a little more involved with our favourite films, television shows, games, and musicians, but how easy is it really? The truth is that finding a job within the entertainment sector is no more difficult than working for a bank, a retail chain, or the emergency services; you simply need to know what you’re good at, learn to embrace your skills, and get involved wherever you can.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t follow your dreams – after all, you’ll never know how far you can go if you’re too afraid to take that first step.