How To Absolutely ROCK Who You Are

Let us consider what is most important in life - being your most authentic self. However, it can sometimes feel a bit confusing to know what that means in the first place. After all, we all change over time. The person you are this month is not the person you were last month. The person we were two years ago can sometimes seem like a completely different entity. That’s good. It signifies progress.
23 December 2020

By Frank Bell

Let us consider what is most important in life – being your most authentic self. However, it can sometimes feel a bit confusing to know what that means in the first place. After all, we all change over time. The person you are this month is not the person you were last month. The person we were two years ago can sometimes seem like a completely different entity. That’s good. It signifies progress.

That being said, sometimes it can feel nice to not have to live up to any standard and simply start accepting yourself for who you are. What that means can be different from person to person, but in broad strokes, it means simply being okay in understanding your own power. Wait, perhaps that’s not enough. What if you wanted to absolutely ROCK who you were? What if you’re tired of feeling meek, and you just want to express yourself in an unapologetic manner, provided you’re still mindful of the needs of others?

Well, we’d say that’s a great way to enter 2021, and a wonderful attitude to curate. Let’s consider that in the passages below:

Consider Your Appearance & Have Fun With It

Many of us can view our appearance as a problem to be solved, or perhaps an impression to secure from others. However, that’s not how we should view it. Of course, there are some rules, like wearing formal clothing at work or at important events, but mostly, you are allowed to have fun with your appearance. You are allowed to express yourself and try new things. Why not? It’s YOUR appearance? Knowing this can help you try new styles from time to time, such as a new piercing with tragus earrings, or dying your hair from time to time, or perhaps getting a new tattoo, or trying a new style.

There are people out there who try and enjoy wearing classic or period styles, while others might want to bring back cultural garbs from their ancestors. Even if it’s odd, if it feels right, it might be right for you. Remember – if dressing rather plainly is what helps you feel like you can express yourself, that is absolutely fine and worthwhile too. You don’t have to overthink it if you don’t want to. Your opinions may change in one way or the other as time passes.

Book A Photoshoot

It can be a lovely idea to book a photoshoot from time to time, individually, or with your family or friends. Having some professional photos taken of you can help you better see yourself in a light not many people do, and you can also use these photos to feel more confident and accepting of yourself. You might use these for your online, social media presences, or perhaps you’ll use them for professional purposes. You might decide to just have fun and use the photos for Christmas greeting cards. This little habit, even if it’s conducted entirely by yourself in external environments, can help you feel more confident and relaxed as time moves on.

Try Something New & Suck At It

Trying something new can help us learn one vital lesson – that we have more potential within ourselves than we may know what to do with. Trying something new can help you not only fall in love with a new passion, but it helps you express yourself through that art and practice. Maybe you simply want to paint, or become a still life model and have fun doing so. Perhaps you want to make YouTube videos, and download the free trial of a program to see if you can learn the basics. Maybe it’s been some time since you’ve written anything, and you want to launch a blog. Challenging yourself and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can have major impacts on your confidence, your sense of self-worth, and your willingness to repeatedly try new things. In this light, it is anything BUT a waste of time, and you’re sure to understand that the more you allow yourself to try something new.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid of ‘sucking’ at this activity. The truth is that we all have to start somewhere, and novicehood can sometimes be just as enjoyable and rewarding as any other approach. The more you consider this as a distinct possibility, the more comfortable you will feel in your new approach. Furthermore, overcoming this beginner hurdle will help you gain a newfound confidence that you may not have experienced before, one more skill adapted, one more experience gained. If that doesn’t lead to growth and a sense of pride in yourself, it’s hard to know what will.

Tell A Friend Something You’ve Been Holding Back

It can be healthy to tell our friends something that has been holding us back. It helps us get out all of the thoughts and impressions we may have otherwise had. Confiding in people, connecting with them, and expressing your thoughts can have a thoroughly healthy advantage in the long run, because it asks you to better understand what is important to you and why you think that. Speaking with a friend you trust can also help you feel as if the air can be cleared, particularly if conflict might come from not addressing a certain issue.

The truth is that none of us are isolated entities, we need other people to grow and to learn. Without that, it’s easy to feel somewhat unable to move forward and benefit ourselves as a result. With that, you can begin to feel confidence in your relationships, and perhaps most importantly, in ourselves.

Shoot Your Shot

To ‘shoot your shot’ is a colloqioual term most recently used to denote approaching someone you find appealing in a romantic sense. However, it can also mean taking the time to be courageous in social respects no matter what. Who knows? Speaking to the person you most admire and appreciate and letting them know how you feel can help you overcome the fear of rejection, which is always worse in theory than in practice.

Shooting your shot can also mean volunteering or going for something you would love to do. It might involve trying your utmost to chase a promotion at work, or volunteering to act in a stage play while joining a drama club, or putting yourself and your work out there online because you think it can gain traction. Life is too short for us to think about the many ways by which we might fail or to always bow down to fear – there’s just too much out there for us to experience in a positive sense.

Write Down Your Inmost Goals & What Makes You Happy

It’s good to know what direction you want to follow in life, but it’s hard to calculate that without considering what motivates you and what potential you would like to follow. Your inmost goals are likely more worthwhile than you may have considered, as over time we all consider our tastes and desires differently, and we know what they are if we dig deep.

So, don’t be afraid to spend some time doing that, reflecting, journaling, and trying to extrapolate those into plans you might (one day) wish to follow. This effort may help you understand yourself more, perhaps through writing down your goals over several weeks, or taking some time without distractions to consider it. It’s hard to rock who we are without knowing what we want, because what we want often gives us purpose, even if we never truly find it. For instance, someone might wish to never see a harmed animal again. That of course, is not a goal they can accomplish for themselves forevermore. But they might be able to open an animal sanctuary and do some phenomenal work in this direction. The possibilities are often possible and pliable, more reliable than you may have considered. Don’t be afraid to simply ask those questions – they can help you learn who you are and what it is you really want.

Take Some Time For Self-Care

Take some time for self care. It’s hard to rock who you are without caring for who you are. Oddly, but also quite obviously, self-care can improve our confidence. Why? Because it shows you, without a shadow of a doubt, confirmed by yourself and to yourself, that you are worth it.

It’s hard to let the words of others affect you when you’ve already confirmed that you’re worth taking care of, and that you’re a good person. In the long run, this can no doubt help you feel as if you have something to offer, not in a ‘rational sense’ but because you are continually reinforcing that. If that’s not a way to feel more confident and connected to yourself, and ultimately able to express who you are, then it’s hard to know what would be.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily rock who you are, and enjoy doing so. It’s not a crime to enjoy who you are, and to improve who you want to be. At least this way, you get to have a little fun while doing so.