How Slot Streamer Girls On YouTube Make Money

You might be wondering how a YouTube streaming girl makes her money. It’s obvious why people subscribe to these channels. First and foremost, it has to be said that when it comes to female online streamers, it does still help to look good on the camera. Be it right or wrong, the majority of the most popular female YouTubers are good looking – 90% of YouTube viewers are male…

But of course, if you want long term success as a YouTuber it is important that you are able to attract viewers who are not just horny, creepy guys. The online influencer world is super competitive so it helps to establish a niche for what your content will be. Many female YouTubers stream themselves playing their favourite video games, for example. Others offer health and beauty tips. To put this in a better way, if you have a passion for something, then you can use YouTube to showcase that passion to an almost unlimited audience. 

So, where’s the money at? The work of a live streaming girl is no easy task. She has to build a loyal following. Her audience needs to be thoroughly entertained by her as well as come to respect her opinion and recommendations. When she mentions a casino site, or one of the best new bingo sites that she enjoys, her following has to be eager to check it out. 

When a YouTube streamer gets this right, she becomes an “influencer” and casino operators love this. This is when the streaming channel becomes valuable, as casino operators often strike deals with streamers who have the biggest following. And yes, these “deals” involve lucrative income. At the same time, successful female YouTubers who stream video games are often likely to be invited to game launches by video game companies. Beautician YouTubers are likely to be sent free makeup samples by companies in the hope that the streamer promotes their product. Successful streamers are able to wield lots of power. 

Of course, the casino streamers dominating YouTube are made up of a mix of both male and female gamblers. One particular influencer, who calls herself “Slotlady” (her real name is Sarah), is a firm favourite. She is situated in Toronto, Canada, but has followers from all over the world. In fact, her channel has received over 26 million views and she has more than 71,900 subscribers. 

Sarah created her casino streaming channel due to her love of gambling. Her initial objective was to share her gambling experiences with like-minded people and because of her fun approach to gambling and the advice she shares, her following has exploded. She uploads new slot videos every evening at 7pm and these videos feature jackpots, big wins, and her big losses too. Slotlady is one of the most prominent female slot streamers on YouTube currently. You can check out Slotlady’s slot streaming channel here.

Alyska is a successful YouTuber who streams herself playing video games.

Alyska has gone from a mere 500 subscribers to over 200,000 in a space of around three years. Make no mistake about it, in order to reach those numbers, you must treat your YouTube career as a full-time job.

Stream Queen – How to Become a YouTube Influencer

Whilst watching sports and placing bets online has been popular for as long as the internet has been available, a new trend in recent years seems to have cropped up and it’s one that is being widely appreciated across the USA. What trend is this? Female influencers are live streaming themselves playing casino games and gambling. Their fans watch them win and lose (although most fans seem to enjoy watching streamers lose it has to be said!)

Live streamers often pick out high variance slot games to stream to their fans. These games offer huge wins, although wins are few and far between. Online gambling in the UK makes up a massive chunk of the gross gambling revenue; Statista tells us this revenue in the UK in 2019 was £14.9 billion, a huge amount and now that influencers on YouTube and Twitch are streaming their gameplay, it is likely they will inspire their viewers towards playing casino games for themselves. YouTube streamers are becoming adverts for casino companies and they are paid handsomely for this. 

Live streamers – whether winning or losing – stand the chance to earn good advertising revenue when live-streaming their high variance slot experiences. Not to mention donation money from their fans.

How You Can Get Started as a YouTube Casino Streamer

Do you want your piece of the streaming pie? Becoming a YouTube streamer is not as hard as you might think. Follow these steps:

  • Create a YouTube channel first.
    To do this, sign into YouTube. Then simply try to carry out an action that requires a channel such as posting a comment, creating a music playlist, or posting a video. When you do this, the website will determine that you don’t have a channel yet and will prompt you to create one. Follow the prompts to create a channel.
  • Access your channel dashboard.

Once you have signed into your YouTube account and created a channel, click on your profile picture, which is at the top right of the screen. Then, click on “Creator Studio” button. 

  • In the left side menu, click on “Live Streaming”. You will be welcomed to the live streaming feature and requested to choose your URL and accept the terms and conditions.
  • Now you are ready to start uploading your content. If you don’t have professional software, make use of Open Broadcast Software to create your media and the recording source (such as an external video recorder or your device’s camera). OBS is a great open source, free broadcasting software which you can use. 
  • When you are ready to get started, simply click on “Start Live Streaming” and your audience will be able to see exactly what you are doing online!

Last Word

Live streaming your desired content is easy but gathering an audience and loyal following is a bit more challenging. But if you have the time, dedication and passion to commit to YouTube, then there is no reason why you cannot earn a full-time income from creating online content on YouTube following your passion, whatever that may be