People vary in their attitude to clothing. It is obvious to say that females are mad about clothing more than males, and that is the reason why they usually become a target for teasings. Thus when men pay too much attention to the way they dress people tend to criticize it too. Well, is there any norm in the attitude to dressing?

The norm definitely is. Because we understand even subconsciously what is “right” look and what is “wrong”. A fashion appeared as an aesthetic guide of how to dress correctly. Because people started to use clothing not only to cover their body and get warmth and safety but to assert themselves. Nowadays people look at outfits of others like at the part of their personality and identity. It is important to note that not only clothes build the appearance of a person.

The state of hair and nails also matters. If your overall look is failing, it will uncover your personality from the negative side.So, the level of impression from your outfit can influence negatively on your relations between people. Because clothing is a mean of nonverbal communication. It affects significantly on perception of the observer. You must devote enough time to the way you look. Maybe the services of stylist will help you to make up your mind.

If you can improve you academic performance with paying for essays now, you have a chance to get better outfit using stylists` consultation as well. The importance of it prove presented below ruining consequences to which wrong fashion can lead.

You risk communicating a message that will show you from the negative side

Each item of wardrobe has a direct purpose of wearing. Every item has a functional use and a style feature. Sometimes people wear clothing of functions they don’t need to accent on their style and image. For instance, hats. Nowadays people wear hats because it can add something extraordinary to their look. A hat is an elegant item of wardrobe and it requires elaborate thoughtfulness of the whole outfit. In combination with wrong clothing a person in a hat may look not extraordinary but ridiculous. Analogical dress fails happen usually when people try to look stylish. And with whole her look she will communicate an observer the message “I am fool”. So, note that fashion as a tool of non-verbal communication is more powerful than you can imagine.The way how people percept you as an individual is at stake

There is a simple pattern in human perception. As a speed of light is faster than the speed of sound, you are seen before you are heard. This is why, before you utter a word your visual image will tell a detailed story about you as an individual. From the first sight, it is possible to make a general impression about a level of intelligence, self-esteem, confidence, beliefs, and success.

Usually when you see someone well dressed, this person seems to own greater confidence in his abilities even before he has said anything. If that is the case, why not prevent yourself from having a not worthy look?

So, people tend to trust what they see more than to facts. That is why appearance is a tool to convey about your financial success, intelligence, social status and mood, of course.You will feel unhappy if you are unsatisfied with your clothes

The previous information concerned the way people can treat you according to your look. But there is a person with which you spend more time than with any other in the world. This is you.

With everything you put on you influence on your mood and general state. If you like the clothing you wear, if you feel how it fits you and notice that other people like you more in this outfit, you start feeling yourself more self-confident. Also, your mood rises and your productivity rises with it.

It is the reason why people experience the rise of positive emotions after the successful purchase of clothing. They like themselves more in it and feel that they have strength and power. And they certainly do have it. Because successful outfit gives great visual power that nourishes the confidence of a person. But if you put on something that makes you feel uncomfortable it can lead to ruining feelings. Every day will turn into a nightmare if any item of your look causes repulsion.

The significance of nonverbal communication through clothes

Richard Gere in American Gigolo’
Research has found that people usually combine their appearance with communication skills. In such a way, with your outfit, you affect on the perception of other and on their behavior towards you. The nonverbal message of your appearance will determine whether or not others will agree with you, trust words you say, give you access to their private space.

Fortunately, there are basic tips to prevent you from creating a faulty image with the clothing:

Avoid showing too much skin. Too short skirts or opened tops look good on the podium, but in everyday life they tell about light-mindedness on the person.

Don’t wear dirty clothes. If you wear dirty staff it means that you do not respect yourself. Even if your dress costs $1000 but it is dirty, you will look worthless.

Stop wearing wrinkled clothing. Devote some time to iron what you are going to wear. In wrinkled stuff, you will look clumsy and not presentable. Imagine the CEO in an expensive suit but with a wrinkled shirt. Does he look presentable? Use iron. You’ll look neat and more put together.

Wear only what fits you well. People can meet a thing in a shop that will look adorable on the vitrine but that will be totally unfitting. When you wear clothing that fits your body perfectly the observer will experience the aesthetic satisfaction while looking at you. Just because people like the feeling of completeness.

Always follow the dress code. If people are required to dress in special uniform during some event or in a certain place it is important to follow that norm. Otherwise, you will show nothing but disrespect.

By Robert Everett:

Robert is a freelance writer currently based in Chicago. Solving students career and university problems. Having an interest in marketing and business.

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