How And Why To Incorporate More Luxury Into Your Wardrobe

We all deserve a little more luxury in our lives, and a major way to achieve this is by curating a wardrobe of clothing that is tailored to suit your wants and needs.
1 August 2021

By Vanessa B

We all deserve a little more luxury in our lives, and a major way to achieve this is by curating a wardrobe of clothing that is tailored to suit your wants and needs. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be especially wealthy to look fashion-forward and incorporate luxury into your wardrobe. You can achieve this by forgoing the flashy high-end designer logos and instead investing into pieces that are well-made, timelessly fashionable and will go the distance in terms of versatility and quality. 

While we tend to think of the fashion industry as being split into two extremes, with expensive high-end labels on one end and cheap fast fashion on the other, there are brands likeJoseph Ribkoff that offer a happy medium of high quality, yet affordable elegance. 

Read on to find out how and why to incorporate more luxury into your wardrobe.

Invest in Quality Basics

“Sophisticated, streamlined, and polished” are some words that come to mind when we think of elegant luxury fashion, and what better place to start than the basics? Investing in well-designed and elegantly cut basics like tops, pants, and dresses that elevate your everyday wardrobe will make your every day feel a little more luxurious. 

Having good basics provides a solid foundation on which to build an outfit. You can don the simplest outfit—jeans and a turtleneck, for example—but elevate that “basic” look to a whole other level by adding a bold jacket or a luxe silk scarf. 

Good quality basics will also tend to last longer. Designer clothes are generally created with longevity and durability in mind, meaning that in spending a little more up front, you can often end up paying less in the long run as well as being happier with the items you purchase. 

Prints and Patterns

When buying items with prints, choose good quality prints in colourways that won’t go out of fashion next season. Florals, as we all know, are a classic, but you might also consider minimalist prints or other sophisticated styles. These can include hand-rendered marks and brushstrokes, stripes, dots, animal prints, checks and even tie dye. You can be assured that prints like these won’t go out of style any time soon, especially when in neutral or classic colourways and are a great way to add interest and liveliness to your wardrobe. For summer 2021, tie dye, checkerboard and bright stripes are very of the moment. 

The Devil is in the Details

What separates cheap, poor-quality clothing from luxury designer items? The answer lies in the details of course! This applies to every part of the garment, from material sourcing to stitching, to embellishments and other extras. Extra care and attention result in pieces that will elicit admiration and compliments from others and are bound to be well-loved and valuable players in your closet. Patterns that match at the seams, higher numbers of stitches between panels, opaque fabrics, and linings are all good signs to look out for. 

Poncho with faux fur €229

Play with Texture

When it comes to textures, playing with different combinations is a great way to mix things up and add that (literal) extra touch. Textures that venture outside the realm of basic cotton, viscose, and polyester fabric will instantly add a touch of luxe to your look. We often hear about the bold practice of mixing prints, but an easier place to start might be mixing textures. This can be done for example, with a monochrome outfit where the different pieces have the same color but different textures. Denim, lace, silk/satin, bouclé, faux leather or fur, fine or chunky knits, tweeds – the options out there are vast and the power textures have to elevate your style shouldn’t be underestimated.