HOTLINE Are Not Your Usual Pop Group

By Vasco Dega

Constantly exploring new musical realms and wanting to share their art in a new, creative way, Hotline takes influence from a more modern day perspective and tries to push their sound differently compared to other groups. This is evident with only their second release Lovesick, with a fun, upbeat and heartfelt feel to it, you can tell that a lot of fun has gone into this release and will speak to a lot of the younger generations of listeners.

With ever present synthesisers paired with a hip hop RnB production and beat, this combination draws you in immediately and will stay on repeat for days in your head. Leo, Simon and Guillaume met in 2013 as a garage band before producing a harmonic blend of pop and hip-hop – striking a chord with the contemporary music lover.

Lovesick is about past lovers and the awkward feeling of not knowing what to do with yourself”, the group explain. “Wondering if you will ever find someone like them.”

Created in the Sodasound studio in France, the group uses this space to produce authentic pop music. Having met in 2013, it’s clear that there is a distinct chemistry between the three members. The trio have waited a while to make their dent in the industry, and with two releases already under their belt, expect to hear a lot more from Hotline come 2021.

Lovesick is out now.