Host Bodies + Alexa Jesse take you on a psychedelic journey with their ‘Hourglass’

"Looking back, it’s clear I wrote this song to cope and heal from a traumatic experience."
2 June 2023


Live electronic duo based in San Francisco Host Bodies, take you on a psychedelic journey with their latest jam Hourglass featuring singer-songwriter Alexa Jesse. Let your senses take over and bask in their electronic vibrations!

Alexa Jesse‘s sensuous voice blends perfectly with the heavy bass line, mysterious synths and unique drum patterns.

Inspired by Ocean Beach, SF’s captivating beach ambience and psychedelic dance, the song’s lyrics aptly expresses the sense of curiosity and wonder: “What will we find at the edge of the night?”

Hourglass is all about timing and this perfect track is sure to become a hit as the sun stays out for longer. It’s an ideal addition to any summer playlist.

Count Eldridge has worked his mixing and mastering magic on the sound of this production, amplifying its depth and complexity (you might know him from Radiohead, Tycho, and Thievery Corporation).

This song has a unique blend of futuristic sounds and powerful female energy. It’s pretty unpredictable because it changes over the course of the song.

After a 3-year break from music, Alexa Jesse is back with an even stronger presence and tackling real emotions. She expresses her feelings and attempts to give them meaning as she seeks simple ways to express her emotions.

Alexa Jesse explains: “Looking back, it’s clear I wrote this song to cope and heal from a traumatic experience.  We live in a fragile reality that can be shattered at any moment. Yet time keeps ticking, we keep moving along, each moment is so delicately precious yet we take much of our life for granted. Ultimately we don’t know what comes next but I believe that we’re part of something bigger, and that great unknown is a mysterious, beautiful part of the journey.”

Host Bodies states: “Host Bodies brings a certain mad scientist approach to our production. ‘Hourglass’ started with James Collector’s arpeggiated ngoni riff and Nick Hess’s Fender jazz basslines. The percussion was built with randomly triggered djembe hits and a techno-inspired drum kit. Korg Minilogue chords added a moody atmosphere. By the time Alexa Jesse started writing the track a couple of years had passed. We were blown away with the feeling of her first demo of lyrics and melody.”

This new psychedelic gem relies on the exuberant basslines of the live-electronic duo, atmospheric synthesizers and idiosyncratic drums.

Hourglass is there to show us that, no matter the circumstances, we can still relax and have a good time.

Photo by Jeff Carroll, Michael Miller, Nick Hess