HONGZA Previews His New EP With The Energetic New Single DREAM, SLEEP, EAT

By Vasco Dega

Following up the enormous praise he received for his recently unveiled offering Accolades, fast-rising indie-pop artist Hongza is back once again to share his latest belter Dream, Eat, Sleep.

Lifted from his forthcoming new EP Gen Z, Dream, Eat, Sleep sees the artist deliver a truly bright and energetic return. With clear nods to the sounds of both post-punk and pop-rock, this fun and lively new delight set him back on course to becoming one of the most talked-about new artists of the year so far.

Speaking about his latest effort, he said, ”I wrote this song at a point in my life where I was dating a lot & using dating apps a lot. At the time I never made the jump into relationships because I had this app on my phone with an endless sea of people I could meet with the potential of them ‘being the one’. I’d date, get to know someone, not find that spark between us, feel guilty for upsetting them, get depressed from not finding the one & do it all over again. I guess the song is about the cycle of online dating”