Holy Holy‘Darwinism’ is Holy Holy’s – songwriter Timothy Carroll and composer and guitarist Oscar Dawson – first gripping cut from their forthcoming sophomore album…”Jump in. The water’s fine. Float on an ocean of fears and dreams. Go where the sea takes you…”

The sleekly strong b/w video, for the song is directed by Plex Goldwin…”Darwinism was the process of finding the right tonality and energy – complimenting and contrasting itself to the band and the energy of the song, with a rough yet stripped back aesthetic.” Goldwin explains.

Carroll explains: “We built the song around that opening riff which I came up with while we were on tour last year. I remember the boys were all asleep in the apartment and I was looking for a place to play so I locked myself in the bathroom and was making some recordings on my phone. I felt straight away it could work as a full band track…Oscar wrote a score and we had Ross Irwin and Kieran Conrau come in a lay down this big sweeping horn part.”

Dawson adds: “The horns are a fresh thing for us. We wanted the horns to be textural, using a band like The National or Radiohead as examples.”

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