HOLY ESQUEGlaswegian stirring quartet Holy Esque – Pat Hynes, Keir Reid, Hugo McGinley, Ralph McClure – drop their majestically unique, surprising reinterpretation of Robert Palmer’s classic hit ‘Addicted to Love’.

“We have always trodden carefully in the realm of song covers,” explains frontman Pat Hynes. “The idea of working on someone else’s track before perfecting our own seemed strange and initially unappealing, but when the idea arose to interpret ‘Addicted To Love’ we really enjoyed the process. It’s a dark and somewhat sleazy track with a sense of sex appeal and fun. We love the original and thought we could show a lighter side of the band through this ’80s hit. I think we have achieved that and we may even feature the song in a few special upcoming shows.”

ICYMI, here’s the powerful video directed by William Kennedy for standout track ‘Tear’. A discernment of their unavoidable, hypnotically intense and meaningful debut album ‘At Hope’s Ravine’, out now on Beyond The Frequency Records.

Speaking about the film which tackles depression and loneliness, director Kennedy explains: “The film is about a lonely young woman who loses the ability to dream, who struggles to make ends meet, trapped in a routine and cut off from the people around her. She finds a way to escape her reality through a fleshy, leech-like creature that she keeps under her bed.

She becomes addicted to the sensation, despite knowing that the parasitic creature is slowly taking over her mind and body…The story is cyclical. There is no end. No resolution. There is only routine, and a desperate yearning to escape.”

On the track singer Pat Hynes says: “’Tear’ is a great example of two of the central themes of the album – darkness vs. light and hope.

The song has an emotional weight and looks at the ever-constant fears and woes of everyday life against the hope of something better. It touches on escapism and the pursuit of greater things. It’s essential to the history and make-up of Holy Esque today.”

See Holy Esque live at the following dates:
7th May The Art School Glasgow
19th-21st May The Great Escape Brighton
28th – 29th May Sound City Liverpool
22nd – 24th July Tramlines 2016 Sheffield

Order ‘At Hope’s Ravine’ HERE. Tickets for all shows are available from HERE.