HM Johnsen Releases Cathartic Ballad ‘Alone’

By Vee D

Norwegian musician HM Johnsen has honed his craft over many years, first delving into the world of blues and rock before later exploring other genres of music. For his latest release ‘Alone’, HM Johnsen lays bare a deeply personal ballad.

Describing the track as something he wrote as a therapy for himself, the raw emotion of the track comes through the vocals. Meanwhile, a stunning piano line fills the melancholic soundscape of ‘Alone’, its energy staying with the listener after the song ends. 

Watch the music video here:

Johnsen shares: “I wrote the song Alone as a sort of therapy for myself at one moment last year. I was at a very low point and had no motivation, and no mood to feel happy or even laugh. I often feel that people encourage me to keep on with music and to keep on doing what I love, but at the same time, it sometimes can feel like there are no people that actually care about you as a person. I needed motivation, and someone to lift me up… So I wrote a song about this specific period of my life.”

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