Hilary Roberts unleashes ‘Euphoria’ – A musical journey of self-love and pure joy

"That euphoric carefree feeling of being a kid again and finding the beauty in every moment"
7 September 2023

Prepare to be introduced to the multi-talented and stunning Hilary Roberts. Beyond her remarkable talents, she aims to offer inspiration and a ray of hope to those who might be feeling weary and disheartened. Her mission is to inject listeners with an irresistible blend of optimism and motivation.

Hailing from Texas, this singer-songwriter extraordinaire continues to grace us with her enchanting pop harmonies and a profound message of self-love in her freshest musical creation, Euphoria, released via her very own record label, Red Songbird.

The single captures the essence of pure joy with its electrifying club beats and immediately grabs your attention. The track blends punchy verses and melodic choruses with skillful precision and takes us on a journey of sonic euphoria, where each beat and lyric seems to bring back the joy of childhood.

Hilary Roberts explains her vision for the song: “I wanted this song to bring the listener back to a place of pure joy. That euphoric carefree feeling of being a kid again and finding the beauty in every moment.”

Roberts is not only talented in music, but also a generous soul who puts her heart into helping others. Her song “Fight to the Other Side” really showed her commitment to this and gave a strong message of hope when things get tough. The Red Songbird Foundation, which she set up, is still making a big difference in the lives of people who are looking for hope, healing, and change.

Hilary Roberts is here to give us a little reminder – whether it’s in music or in life, pure euphoria is just one beat away.