Hila Rabby showcases her strengths as an artist with ‘Time To Wake Up’

Hila's voice is really emotive and vulnerable, but also firm & assertive.
19 October 2022

Hila Rabby is a singer-songwriter, composer, and pianist, born in Jerusalem, Israel and now living between New York City and Tel Aviv. Hila attended the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in NYC and in 2020 was awarded “The John Coltrane Award for High-Calibre-Performer/Composer/Improviser”.

Time To Wake Up is taken from her stunningly intense debut 7-track album Visions and accurately captures the essence of Hila’s work. What stands out the most on first listen is Hila’s captivating voice and a sound that is underpinned by a deep understanding of indie synth rock. The track is upbeat with some points that are more solemn. There are some beautifully captured moments throughout though, from the haunting piano runs that fill the air to the highly immersive and catchy dark-pop hooks she creates. Haunting and hypnotic synths fill the air in her mind as she pens tracks with a prog-rock feel to them that showcase her strengths as an artist. We love all the synth parts, the experimentation with time signatures, and all the outside instruments that come together to create a great song. Hila’s voice is really emotive and vulnerable, but also firm & assertive at the same time. Listen to it here:

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