With the advent of the online marketplace providing a huge shake-up on the high street, many fashion retailers have been seeking to diversify their incomes through some new and
surprising schemes.

This can be seen as an effort to combat the rise of online clothes retailers such as Asos and BooHoo who have managed to carve a niche in the fashion world thanks to their lowered overheads providing a huge choice of stylish clothing at a highly competitive price.asosOne of the first brands who sought to branch out from the clothing arena into other areas was the American company Urban Outfitters. As well as supplying a vast range of quality clothing, the company now delivers a huge range of lifestyle offerings including exclusive album listening parties, as well as books and items for the home.

This ties into efforts made by brands such as Next, who have long held a solid reputation for their Next Home subsidiary, that aims to capitalise on the brand’s appeal of reliable and trustworthy fashion by offering a similarly sleek range of home furnishings.Next HomeWhilst the growth of all-in-one fashion and interiors companies might be seen as part of trend that saw the loss of previous high street interiors kingpin Habitat, there is a counter-trend that could signify that consumers are still relying upon specialist shops for particular household items.www.bedstar.co.ukThis ties into a re-energised public interest in businesses that provide a bespoke service in a way that many feel has been lost due to the rise of the all-in-one retail empires. In particular, interiors brands such as Bedstar have enjoyed a healthy consumer reputation for their specialist knowledge regarding a wide range of beds that couldn’t easily be duplicated in a high street fashion outlet.BedstarTo address such issues, fashion firms such as H&M and Zara have tried to find their niche in the interiors market by offering an unashamedly high-street version of many home favourites that are easily interchangeable in many homes, yet offer the distinctive style of the brands.HM’s homFor example, H&M’s home collection take great inspiration from striking geometric shapes, charming floral patterns and some quirky ethnic touches. Zara HomeWhereas Zara aim to feature chic and stylish interiors designs that fits in with the minimalist aesthetic of the Spanish retailer’s clothes.

And with the recent news that Zara Home will soon have their first shop in India, it looks like the fashion world’s invasion of interiors is now happening on a truly global scale.