‘Hello’ by xskarma is a mesmerizing experience

"The track is about the unspoken darkness in a relationship"
31 March 2023

Charles Grimsdale, aka xskarma, from Bristol, UK, is a multi-talented artist, composer, producer and drummer. His style has been described as a mixture of indie pop and trip hop, but infused with funky rhythms that have a classic retro ambiance.

Written and produced by xskarma, Hello has a feeling of sweetness and relaxation and captures your attention right away. When glasscat begins to sing, it’s like an all-new sound experience. The chorus of this song truly stands out, it is so catchy and has almost a spellbinding effect.

xskarma had more to say about Hello: “The track is about the unspoken darkness in a relationship and how sometimes a partner can seem distant and distracted, living in a parallel universe. The inspiration came from a glitchy Timbaland track. I then played the live drum beat as an evolution of that and built the rest from there.”

xskarma‘s tracks usually include filtered drum grooves, wobbly synth pads, and basslines that are low but powerful, he draws influence from bands like Portishead, Massive Attack, Zero 7, Morcheeba, Lamb and Tame Impala for his music.

Grimsdale‘s invested in technology and is the non-executive chairman of elasticStage, a ‘global end-to-end solution for vinyl’. He’s not only a tech whizz but also an entrepreneur. He co-founded OD2 – one of Europe’s premier streaming services – with Peter Gabriel.

He’s passionate about preserving the environment and fighting climate change. His last single, Changing, was a collaboration with OneTreePlanted, with all its streaming revenue going towards planting trees in Uganda for chimpanzee habitats restoration.

Whenever xskarma brings out something new, it is clear that it is an artist to follow.