The amazing 10 yr old Singer/Songwriter Heather Russell is from Toronto, Canada.
MSNBC ran a clip on Valentine’s Day of the 10-year-old girl singer in order to showcase her musical abilities as a soulful singer and pianist.

The song, written by the young girl with a voice that is more reminiscent of someone twice her age is titled, “She Needs Love.”

But this song — while beautiful and obviously that of a very talented young girl — is merely the latest from this singing sensation destined for greater stages than her own home.

Heather made the YouTube rounds before getting signed professionally with Rob Fusari in 2010, just like Justin Bieber, who was signed by none other than Atlanta’s own Usher after Bieber took his own musical talents to the internet.

And some have already likened Heather’s potential to that of the boy that is considered to be one — if not “the” — top artist of 2011.