HEADPHONE: Igniting indie rock with ‘A Spark Blown Out A Window’

The band creates a rich tapestry of soundscapes, thought-provoking lyrics that encourage introspection
21 September 2023

The talented trio HEADPHONE, led by Morgan McRae, hails from the vibrant and thriving musical hub of San Diego, California​. The band creates a rich tapestry of soundscapes, thought-provoking lyrics that encourage introspection.

HEADPHONE has just unveiled their third album, titled A Spark Blown Out A Window. The musical journey commences with the enchanting opener “Setting The Sun” and gracefully advances through remarkable tracks such as Keep It Simple and Animals Like Me. The album reaches its emotional peak with the introspective and captivating closing piece, Already In Love, delivering a 40-minute sonic voyage that captivates and immerses listeners from start to finish.

So What, their engaging 2019 single, was just a taste of what HEADPHONE had in store. Now, with Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Schiffman by their side, they’ve crafted a remarkable full-length body of work that pushes boundaries and sets new standards. Schiffman’s expertise in producing, recording, and mixing has breathed new life into the band’s signature Radiohead-esque soundscapes.

One of the most intriguing aspects of A Spark Blown Out A Window is the fresh approach to recording. Tracking directly to tape and experimenting with classic analog synths, the album unveils a refreshing set of timbres, elevating HEADPHONE‘s sonic palette to new heights. The album was meticulously crafted in the diverse locales of Los Angeles, Joshua Tree, and San Diego, capturing the true essence of the band.

Despite their minimal lineup, HEADPHONE‘s sound is anything but small. Morgan McRae takes charge of synths and lead vocals, while Philip Cullin handles the drums, and Darren Goldberg anchors the groove on bass. 

When it comes to inspiration, HEADPHONE draws from the likes of Radiohead, NIN, Postal Service, and Primus. These iconic influences have helped shape their unique sonic identity, blending elements of alternative, electronic, and experimental rock into an unforgettable musical experience.

HEADPHONE‘s A Spark Blown Out A Window stands as a testament to their unwavering creativity and musical dexterity.