Hawk share ‘Sin’ | Emotion-strewn power

A backlash against the societal shaming of female sexuality, Berlin-based Hawk’s latest offering is yet another poignant creation from the dark alt-indie band.

Flowing with the shimmering subtle power of Julie Hawk’s vocals alongside grunge-tinged riffs and twinkling, majestic melodies, ‘Sin’ oozes a fervent empowering sentiment. Though dreamy in sound, there is nothing hazy about this track’s message: the impassioned front woman is making a defiant call for change and telling us to have pride in our sexuality and recognise consent.

As she explains: “it’s shouting about embracing our feelings, our cravings, our pasts, and even our mistakes, as we define them. We wear them on our skin and let them empower us as women.”

A track seething with a haunting ethereal grandeur and emotion-strewn power, ‘Sin’ is evidence that Hawk are here to stay. They need to be heard, not only for our ears’ pleasure but for the good of society.

‘Sin’ is out now via Veta Records.