HAVVA Hits Hard With Debut Single FOCUS

Havva is a singer-songwriter born and raised in North London, with roots in RnB that come to the fore in her brand of polished commercial pop. Her debut single Focus is made of collected verses and hook filled choruses, packed with singable melodies and driving rhythms. 

Citing Ed Sheeran and Rihanna as pivotal influences Havva takes pride in sculpting pop hooks and catchy melodies, having been writing and playing guitar since the age of 14. The daughter of a professional Turkish singer, Havva has gleaned much of her work ethic from her father.

The track touches on mental health struggles and the pressure felt with everyday life. Discussing her debut, Havva explains “FOCUS explores the matter of suffering with anxiety but being open and honest and just wanting to make choices that result in selfish happiness.”

With an already strong Youtube presence, in which she has 65,00 subscribers, Havva has been featured on MTV as an influencer to watch for 2019 with her acoustic covers. Now, it’s time for Havva to focus on original material, and what a start she has made.