Has Alex Jones found the one?

The gorgeous TV presenter Alex Jones talks romance and work with TV Buzz Magazine from The SUN.

She shares her thoughts on her new relationship, “It’s been a whirlwind – it’s still quite new but it’s great.”

She explains, “He didn’t know about The One Show before we met, and he didn’t know I was famous.

He’s really laid-back. –he’s just like: ‘Oh well, that’s lovely. You love your job and that’s the main thing.’

I don’t feel like I’m a celebrity anyway, I don’t think I ever will. I’m not any different to how I was before. Things are very run-of-the-mill at home.”
Alex reveals to TV buzz there won’t be wedding-bells anytime soon, “We’re not putting any pressure on ourselves – we don’t even live together yet.

It’s moving like a normal relationship. There’s no celebrity fast-forwarding here.”

Alex is back on our screens presenting Let’s Dance For Sport Relief alongside her ex-boyfriend Steve Jones.

She says to TV buzz, “We’ve spoken about it and I explained that we met in our early 20s, so it was quite a while ago.”

She makes it clear that there will be no hard feelings between her ex and her new boyfriend:

“If Charlie [her boyfriend] does feel jealous he doesn’t show it. I’m sure he will come down to the show and hopefully the two of them will get on – there’s no reason why they wouldn’t. Fingers crossed!”

Steve Jones returns to the UK after being cut from hosting The X factor in the USA.

Alex confesses to TV buzz, “It will be great for him to come back to something familiar, naturally he’s going to be disappointed after what happened in America, but people will welcome him back here.”

Alex mentions that she has no plans to work in the US, “Good on Steve – he wanted to work in America and he gave it a go, but 2012 is a good year for Britain and I love the diversity of what I’ve been offered here.”
We are glad she is sticking around!
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