Harry Daniels Releases Thunderous New single AIM FOR THE CITY

Aim For The City is the latest addition to the solid back catalogue of releases by Sutton Coldfield born and raised singer-songwriter Harry Daniels. The Birmingham artist has been on a consistent trajectory of releasing top notch music and has built up and grown his audience around the town he currently resides, Cheltenham.

Harry is all set to release his next EP “Into Words” during February 2020 after working with local to Cheltenham producer, Claire Sutton from the brilliant up and coming band ‘All Ears Avow’. Harry has also employed the expertise of drummer Jack Batchelor from successful band Crooks UK and has been working closely alongside Andy Oliveri and the Mountaineers, who has added considerable weight to the writing process.

Harry discusses the single: Aim For The City denotes a group of friends aspirations of moving to the big smoke but are working all the hours under the sun to try and fund this, becoming unstuck along the way, “… all along we fall like zombies.”